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Les Corbeaux sont un clan de mercenaires à la morale douteuse. Traveling under a distinctive black banner, the Ravens are merciless and often cruel, considering their oath the one unbreakable rule. The company has a reputation for complete reliability, and is willing to do anything necessary to fulfil their contracts. The ranks of the the company are often filled with wanted criminals and ruthless cutthroats, and their leader, Bolverk, is a deadly berserker for whom violence is second nature. The iconoclastic leader commands unshakeable respect from his troops.

Bolverk believes that unlike his Varl brethren, who are the product of a divine merger between Yox and Man, he is part man, part bear. To further assume the role, Bolverk wears a thick bear skin on his back at all times, and broke off his horns in defiance of his yoxen heritage. Bolverk's second in command is a shieldmaiden known as Folka, a powerful warrior whose clear thinking and tactical prowess functions as a crucial counterpoint to Bolverk's rage-driven battle style. Folka is the only human to ever stand up to Bolverk, and the only human to ever earn his respect and trust.

The saga details several other members of the Ravens, including Sigbjorn. A warhawk like Gunnulf, Sigbjorn was sent from Boersgard to the village of Reynivik to recover a stock of valuable mead. When we first meet Sigbjorn, we find him drunk and under siege himself, a contingent of dredge assaulting the meadhouse of Reynivik. Another member of the Ravens is Sparr, a Skald who has been with the company longer than any other human. Through his wit, poetry, and music, Sparr enhances the prowess of the Ravens in distinctive and numerous ways. Possibly through Sparr's influence, the Ravens themselves take an interesting approach to music in general. For the Ravens, singing and chanting is seen as a purely martial art. Unlike most of the other characters in the saga, who break into song at each godstone, and during camp, the Ravens only sing when they engage in battle. [1].

Membres notables[ | ]

Les Corbeaux avant The Banner Saga[ | ]

Il y a presque quarante ans avant les évènements de The Banner Saga 2, un homme dénommé Faener confia une mission au Corbeaux. L'un de ses plans a mal tourné et il leurs tendu un piège pour leurs faire porter le chapeau. Ils étaient encerclés près de la pierre divine de Irynx quand un ours enragé a perdu la raison. Il a attrapé un arbre, et a commencé à porter de grands coups circulaires ! À cette époque, seuls douze d'entre eux s'en sont sortis. Sparr y voit l'intervention divine de Irynx. [2].

Les Corbeaux dans The Banner Saga[ | ]

Dans The Banner Saga[ | ]

The Ravens are a mercenary company that have played a major role in the Saga since the fall of Boersgard. The governor of that doomed city hired Bolverk Bloodaxe, the leader of the Ravens, to keep order during the siege of dredge, and more practically to protect the unpopular governor from the wrath of his people.

As the situation in the city became more dire, Bolverk and the Ravens were responsible for dismantling structures around the docks and hastily constructing makeshift boats to flee the city. The citizens realized they were being left behind, and rioted. Bolverk showed the cool willingness of a hired mercenary to put down the insurrection with easy violence.

Dans The Banner Saga 2[ | ]

After the heroes of the Banner Saga defeated the Sundr Bellower, the city remained in grave danger. The surviving heroes gathered refugees onto the ships, including the company of Ravens and the Governor of Boersgard. The hastily constructed fleet then fled downriver, hoping to take refuge in the distant human capital, Arberrang.

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