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Hrivaldyr est le dieu des chasseurs et des bêtes sauvages. Il pouvait parfois être aperçu parcourant ces terres sous la forme d'un homme comme celle d'un loup. Ses effigies le représentaient toujours avec sa redoutable lance. [1]

Notes et références[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Références[ | ]

  1. Dans The Banner Saga - Pierre divine d'Hridvaldyr :
    The weathered stone doesn't see many visitors. Not much reason to travel so far east. When hunters come through they sometimes stop to give offerings, out of habit more than anything else now that the gods are dead. Hridvaldyr was the god of hunters and of wild beasts, occasionally seen roaming the land as both man and wolf. He was always depicted in effigy with his terrible spear. You wonder what he'd think about his woods being full of dredge now.