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Modèle:InfoBoxPersonnage Hurleur est un personnages de The Banner Saga et The Banner Saga 2.

Hurleur dans The Banner Saga[]

Dans The Banner Saga[]

Bellower plays a central role in the Banner Saga. After laying waste to the varl capital, he appears with his army at Einartoft. The Sundr laid siege upon the ancient varl city and bridge, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the city and the extermination of the bulk of the remains of the varl race. During the siege, Bellower engaged in a duel with Iver, who was defeated and barely survived, albeit with the permanent loss of one of his arms.

Dans The Banner Saga 2[]

Bellower pursued the caravan to the fortified human city of Boersgard, threatening it, too, with destruction. Bellower is unique among the Sundr in that he is actually immortal, perhaps as a dark gift left by the spiteful god of dredge creation. The Valka Juno devised a way to fashion an arrow from silver found in the Godstone of Stravhs, a monument to the god that some believe provided the weapons used by the gods in their self-annihilation. This powerful weapon cannot actually kill Bellower, but it can be used in conjunction with Juno's Valka powers to defeat the Sundr and subsequently trap him in a death-like sleep.

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