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La Première Grande Guerre est un conflit armé opposant les humains et les varls. Ils se sont battus âprement pour la terre et le pouvoir. Alors, un des dieux créa les dredges, et ils étaient si terribles qu'à moins de mettre leur haine de côté et de s'allier, hommes comme varls étaient menacés d'extinction.[1] Elle prit fin quand un fier guerrier varl, dénommé Karl, a tourné le dos aux siens pour rejoindre un magnien et mettre un terme à la guerre en repoussant les autres varls jusqu'à la Rivière Rouge, où ils sont restés bloqués jusqu'à la fin de la guerre.[2] [3]

Belligérants notables[ | ]

Varls :

Notes et références[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Références[ | ]

  1. Dans The Banner Saga - Chapitre 5 :
    Eyvind : I'll keep it short. You know how men and varl were made... the Loom-mother, the other gods. In the first great war, the armies of men and varl hated each other, they fought bitterly for land and dominance. Then one of the gods created the dredge, and they were such a threat that unless men and varl set aside their differences, they threatened to wipe out both races. So they did. They ended the war, pushed the dredge into the north and formed an alliance that has held ever since. The second great war began generations later. The dredge rallied their forces, defeated the varl who watched the borders and laid waste to unsuspecting settlements throughout the world. They were led by Sundr, powerful dredge warlords and weavers, like Bellower. He was there in the second great war. Humanity was on the brink of extinction when the inner circle of menders went forth, and finally sent the Sundr and the dredge deep underground. For the most part the dredge haven't tried to return since. Well, until now. Those menders were called Valka. Juno wasn't there herself, but she's from their bloodline.
  2. Dans The Banner Saga - Description Karlshus :
    One of the most important characters of the first great war was Karl, a proud varl warrior who turned against his own kind at the menders' behest to help end the war between varl and mankind. Along the Red River an enormous mead house catered exclusively to varl, but now sees both races drinking together regularly, though ironically the mention of Karl's name will more often than not cause tempers to flare.
  3. Dans The Banner Saga - Description Plaines de Fladdavalor :
    In the first great war, men and varl clashed most frequently here in the open fields of the Fladdavalor Plains. Some bad blood still exists between the families who have lived several generations in the area. Eventually, the menders and a traitorous varl named Karl pushed the rest of the varl forces back to the Red River, where they remained deadlocked until the war ended.