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Strand est la plus grande des citées commerciales à la frontière entre les humains et les Varls[1] sur les berges de la côte ouest. Beaucoup pensent que le dieu Denglr continue de protéger la ville et de lui porter chance.[2]

Résidents notables[ | ]

Repères[ | ]

  • Auberge de l'Homme Noble

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Notes et références[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Références[ | ]

  1. Dans The Banner Saga - Prologue :
    Ubin : It has been several long months on the road. The first signs of snowfall accost us on our approach to Strand, largest of the trade cities on the varl-human borders, and our last collection before returning to the capital. Several days ago, the sun simply came to a stop in the sky, though during these long winter days, none of us can be certain how long it has been this way. Some of the men in the caravan have taken it as a dire omen. I am not quick to superstition, but I myself will be glad to be done with this year's rounds. We have been warned by stranded travelers about brigands on the path through Ridgehorn, our road home. Our captain seems unconcerned. Perhaps he is as eager as I to be done here. We will rest here this day and inquire further when we speak to the governor.
  2. Dans The Banner Saga - Description de Strand :
    As close as anything comes to a bastion of racial tolerance, both men and varl compete to scratch out a living in this, the biggest trade city along the west coast. Many people still believe the god Denglr still watches over it, granting good fortune.
  3. Dans The Banner Saga - Prologue :
    Gouverneur de Strand : Like a rabid wolf, that one. How did it come to this? We fool ourselves believing that peace will last. My grandfather built all this from a poor fishing village, you know. He watched the gods die. Watched the chaos that followed. Watched man and varl slaughter each other, even before the dredge arose. All we've done is traded one struggle for another. Now that there are no more dredge to war against, we war against ourselves. This chieftain meant to kill me, and he's not the first. A dozen families in the city would gladly take my chair. This one had men waylaying merchants both north and south of the city, strangling trade; quite well I would add, though he denied it to his last. This sort of wolf doesn't stop biting because the head is cut off, it just grows a new head. I am in a bad way, my friend. Help me finish this fight and I will gladly send you on your way, with double our king's tithe. Take any men you need. They're loyal, I promise you that. They will meet you down in the proving grounds.