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The Banner Saga - Tales from the Caravan

The Banner Saga: Tales from the Caravan est un recueil de nouvelle.

Quatrième de couverture[ | ]

The sweeping epic of Banner Saga is far from over. Not when every character is a thread of a greater tapestry, one far too large for anyone to weave alone.
Cue Stoic's amazing, and very talented fans.
Together at last are ten tales set in the Banner Saga universe, a combination of classic short stories as well as those selected from our own fans.
From the First Great War to the exodus of Tistel, the founding of Nautmot to Rugga's rise of power. This anthology cherry-picks the best of several emerging authors, including Alex Singer, Ivan Weis-Palacios, and Black Library author Evan Dicken. Tales from the Caravan is a tour de force… and a herald of more to come.
Also includes "Stranded" by Alex Thomas and James Fadeley, once available only as an audiobook.

Nouvelles[ | ]

  • Take this Axe by Ivan Weis-Palacios, a survivor’s story of the First Great War.
  • The Tale of the Silver Yox by Alex Holt, a fable about the mythological beast.
  • Haugr's Grin by Alexandra Singer, a child’s tale about a blind varl.
  • Too Much Rope by Arren Roach, starring Shieldbanger Mogr sometime around the Second Great War.
  • An Old Promise by A.M. Russell. A kidnapping by kragsmen does not go as planned when a heroic veteran emerges to pursue them.
  • The Lies that Bind by Evan Dicken, a prequel story that seeds the origins of Rugga’s rise to power in Boersgard.
  • What is Re-Told by Alex Thomas. A story of the menders and their henchmen.
  • The Caravan from Tistel by Alex Chimienti, details the fate of the town of Tistel during the Third Great War.
  • Only Bjorulf Knows by James Fadeley, a novella about the exploits of Sigbjorn, just before the events of Banner Saga.
  • Stranded by Alex Thomas and James Fadeley. A “what if” tale starring Eirik and Valgard, taking place just before Banner Saga 3.

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