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The varl are a cross-breed of man and animal, created by Hadrborg, an impatient god who wove together a twisted version the original Loom-mother’s creations. Varl are horned giants who are strong and aggressive and have the reputation of being impeccable fighters. Respected as warriors, they can live to be a few hundred years old if their lives are not cut short by a fall in battle. Despite their warlike culture, they too cultivate families and are not without emotions, similar to their human counterparts, and tend to do a better job of sticking together than the humans. Their attitude towards their human allies is somewhat condescending, believing that they are the superior beings, particularly when it comes to strength and fighting.

Varls notables[ | ]

Autres varls

Histoire[ | ]

Deep in the shadows of the Age of Myth, the Loom-Mother discovered how to weave life into her tapestry, the fabric of the universe. She created the beasts of land and sea, and wove the elements of reason into her creations of humans. All of these threads - some short, some long - had a beginning and an end. Other gods attempted to mimic her, but lacked the skill or patience necessary to master the art. Some gods twisted beasts into new shapes and monsters. Others wove her creations together, making cross-breeds of human and animal, [1] dont Hadrborg qui créa les varls.[2] One spiteful god took the humans and twisted them wretchedly, hid them away in the depths of the earth, and they became the dredge.[1]

With unending threads of life, the dredge numbers grew along with their need for more space and more food. Their god prodded the dredge into waging war against the other creations. The dredge became hated and feared among the mortals. Some believed them to be the dead returned to the world to punish the living. The dredge, it turned out, could be killed, but only through bloody battle. Disgusted, the Loom-Mother punished the errant god, but in her anger accidentally killed him. Panic spread among the gods, and thus began the war among the gods which left every god unmade.[1]

Notes et références[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

Références[ | ]

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    The little you know about Hadrborg is that he was a disciple of the Loom Mother, and learned to create under her guidance. He created a few beasts but soon became bored with simple animals and began combining man and beast, ending up with varl. That's the myth, anyway. One thing is certain, each varl alive today was created by Hadrborg, and now the god is dead. The varl here now are the last ones that will ever exist. A profound sadness washes over you.