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Alfrun.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
10 / 10 Armor
12 / 13 Strength
6 / 6 Willpower
3 / 3 Exertion
3 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
8 2
Movement Attack
4 1
Active Passive
Strength of Will Dark Energy
Class: Witch

Alfrun is a rogue weaver who taught herself to pull on the threads of the world in a seemingly unnatural way, and through means unknown learned the bizarre humming language of the Dredge. She's first encountered in The Banner Saga 3.

Background[ | ]

A mysterious and seemingly powerful spellweaver who claims to have a complicated history with the menders, and taught herself how to weave. Her hands and body look as though they've suffered under the practice.

She became a Mender at a young age, but never completed training. She believes that Bersi who was hired to act as a bandit in order to toughen up apprentice menders and teach them necessity of using violence, had tried to kill her.

Abilities header[]

Strength of Will

Active Ability: Strength of Will[ | ]

Menders usually heal injuries slowly and carefully, but Alfrun has
learned to mend the body quickly through sheer determination.
Regenerates 1 STR per two Willpower, like Mend.
Rank 1: Range of 1
Rank 2: Range of 2
Rank 3: Range of 3
Alfrun will always be able to heal at least 1 STR if she has enough Willpower to cast the ability.
Ride the Lightning

Active Ability: Ride the Lightning[ | ]

Alfrun uses her Willpower to focus her energy, launching herself forward with her spear set.
After hitting her target, she quickly retreats back to her starting tile. Deals 1 STR per two tiles.
Rank 1: Range of 3 tiles in a line
Rank 2: Range of 6 tiles in a line
Rank 3: Range of 9 tiles in a line
Because she can't move through obstacles or allies, Alfrun needs a clear path to her target.
The long distance strike from this ability leaves the target concussed, suffering 20% accuracy on next attack.
Dark Energy

Passive Ability: Dark Energy[ | ]

At the start of her turn, Alfrun automatically gains +1 Willpower, up to her maximum.

Caravan Presence & Story Effects[ | ]

Alfrun joins Iver and Juno in The Banner Saga 3 inside the great hall of a warped Strand. Leaving her isn't an option.
Her interest in the Dredge correspondingly makes her fascinated with the fearsome warrior they call the Destroyer.
She can play an important role in the final moments of the game if you allow her to.

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Bloodletter is a good tittle for her since it is triggered by her ability Ride the Lightning, safely applying the DOT from 9 tiles away.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Alfrun was the first new Hero character revealed for The Banner Saga 3 in July 2017 via Newsletter.