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Stonesinger v1.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
10 / 12 Armor
14 / 15 Strength
10 / 12 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
2 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
10 9
Movement Range
Active Passive
Umbrage Disease Strike
Class: Dredge Stonesinger

Apostate is a potentially friendly Dredge Stonesinger first encountered in The Banner Saga 2.

Background[ | ]

This stonesinger, a powerful dredge spellweaver, is proof that not all the dredge fear and hate humanity. Though the stonesinger does not speak it travels with the Ravens now, working toward what you expect is the same goal: saving its own kind from the darkness.

Abilities header[]


Active Ability: Umbrage[ | ]

The stonesinger casts a powerful spell, sending a surge of strength through all his allies. The added size and bulk causes some armor to break.
Rank 1: -2 ARM, +3 STR
Rank 2: -3 ARM, +4 STR
Rank 3: -4 ARM, +5 STR
In an emergency, the spell can be used to keep weak units alive, but the long casting time requires planning ahead.
This ability can be used multiple times.

Active Ability: Rupture[ | ]

The character's magic seeks out any dredge too weak to resist it and explodes their bodies, killing them and sending stone shrapnel in all directions.
Rank 1: Dredge with 8 STR or less
Rank 2: Dredge with 9 STR or less
Rank 3: Dredge with 10 STR or less
This is powerful weaving, but requires a round to cast. Some dredge are strong enough to resist even if wounded.
Affects warped dredge.
Disease Strike

Passive Ability: Disease Strike[ | ]

Inflicts a disease on enemies after a successful attack. Diseased enemies lose 1 STR per turn.
Diseased enemies will pass the disease on to their healthy allies when standing adjacent to them.
Note: units with STR resist will not take damage from Disease Strike.

Caravan Presence[ | ]

Apostate is first encountered by the Ravens in The Banner Saga 2 deep within the mines of Bindal. If allowed into the caravan via Zefr's translations, he joins the hero roster in The Banner Saga 3 alongside Iver and the Ravens. He can be killed when introduced instead of being allowed into the caravan or during Chapter 13 if he is allowed to help fight the pursuing dredge and the battle is lost, he will get labeled as a traitor by them and killed.

Trivia[ | ]