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Arberrang as seen when the Skogr caravan arrived in the end of Chapter 14.

From humble beginnings to the eventual seat of power for the king, Arberrang is the most populated and contested city throughout the human lands. As each new generation of residents builds another ring of walls which sprawl outward from the cliffs, the city continues to grow larger, more indulgent, and more dangerous.

Arberrang is the Human capital of the world, and its largest city. Seen as the last bastion of safety after the invasion of Dredge and the approaching Darkness, it is the destination of Rook/Alette's caravan during The Banner Saga 2, and one of the major settings of The Banner Saga 3.

Background[ | ]

Built on the westernmost end of the known world, the peninsula on which Arberrang sits was one of the last to be settled as humans moved across the southern fertile crescent. It was likely built using the resources of the Last Grove, and prospered due to the Jarlsfjord inlet, which provided it with fresh water, fish and transportation.

By the events of The Banner Saga, Arberrang is the largest and most prosperous city on the continent, as well as its seat of power (for humans). Yet it is also a dangerous place; rival clans and families vie for power within its walls, an issue that is only exacerbated by the coming disasters.

Layout[ | ]

Inner Arberrang

A view of Arberrang from within the Black Wall.

Arberrang is made up of multiple "rings" of walls, each higher and more fortified than the last. As stated in the game's lore, each generation of residents constructs another ring, growing the city bigger and bigger to support its needs. The innermost ring, a collection of massive black spikes known as the "Black Wall", was raised by the Menders during one of the Great Wars.

Each ring denotes a different prosperity -- the wealthiest citizens take residence in the upper ones, while the poor crowd in the outermost rings. The palace, and home of the King, sits in the center of the Black Wall, overlooking the rest of the city.

Government[ | ]

Arberrang Sigil

Arberrang sigil

By the events of The Banner Saga, Arberrang is ruled by King Meinolf. He has designated his son, Prince Ludin, as his heir.

The royal family directs day-to-day life in Arberrang, using its city guard to enforce the rule of law. The Guard is captained by Petrus, Meinolf's right-hand man.

As the humans and Varl keep a tenuous alliance with one another, Arberrang sends out diplomatic envoys to keep relations steady. In The Banner Saga, Ludin is sent to visit the Varl capital of Grofheim with Vognir in Hakon.

The Menders[ | ]

Though Arberrang is known for being the home of the continent's Menders, most of them reside in Manaharr, including the Valka and the Mender Council. Though the Menders were recalled to Arberrang after the Darkness began spreading across the land, the Valka stayed behind, against King Meinolf's wishes.

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