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Aselei godstone resides on a small island on the Ormsa River and is visited by the Skogr caravan during the events of second part of The Banner Saga, Chapter 8.

Description[ | ]

This is a brief description of the godstone, based on Aleo's narration: "She is the curves of every river, a guide for those of us traveling unfamiliar lands." The skald runs a finger over small etchings in the stone. "Inscriptions from all those who were lost, but found a way back home with her help. Some say her stone shows the struggle of leaving the familiar to see what's over the next hill." Aleo looks at the ropes tied around parts of her and smiles. "Before the gods died, her stone supposedly stood tall and moved a few steps each year, so people are always trying to make sure she stays put. Have you the strength to hold her or a gift with which to entice her?"

Item[ | ]

Aselei's Trail will be 'delivered' by an unknown woman in torn robes to your tent, a short while after you leave the godstone, if pay your respects to the goddess or play along Aleo's little game.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This was one of the four godstones (Aselei, Irynx, Baldringr, Bygglaerer) whose designs were based on a community contest.