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Axe Thrower is a promoted class stemming from the Raider base-class, introduced in the second part of The Banner Saga.

  • The active ability of Axe Thrower is called Axe Storm.
  • One Hero belongs to this promoted class, Oli, while other Raider Heroes (e.g. Egil, Ekkill, Gudmundr, Hogun/Mogun) can choose the ability of this class at Rank 6.
  • Enemy units, e.g. the Kragsman Savage, also have this active ability.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.

Icon axe storm

Active Ability: Axe Storm[ | ]

The Axe Thrower lobs an axe at a target up to 4 tiles away, dealing normal Strength damage if the hit is successful. The Axe Thrower continues to throw until an axe is deflected or the target is dead.

The first throw has a base chance to-hit, independent of the target's Armor, and each successive throw to-hit chance is reduced by 10%, but will never go below 20%. Take heed, Axe Storm's to-hit chance cannot be modified by any Item or Talent.

Rank 1: Base to-hit chance is 70%

Rank 2: Base to-hit chance is 80%

Rank 3: Base to-hit chance is 90%


  • The average damage done by Axe Storm, assuming that DMG is the base damage, can be calculated as:
    • Rank 1: DMG*( 0.7 + 0.7*0.6 + 0.7*0.6*0.5 + 0.7*0.6*0.5*0.4 + ... ) ~ DMG * 1.4
    • Rank 2: DMG*( 0.8 + 0.8*0.7 + 0.8*0.7*0.8 + 0.8*0.7*0.6*0.5 + ... ) ~ DMG * 2.0
    • Rank 3: DMG*( 0.9 + 0.9*0.8 + 0.9*0.8*0.7 + 0.9*0.8*0.7*0.6 + ... ) ~ DMG * 2.5
  • Employ Axe Storm with caution: Having that first throw Deflect at 10% after spending 3WIL happens more often than you care to remember! When the Armor of the target is low, consider going for a regular WIL-loaded attack that will maim the enemy, instead of going for a kill hoping that 2 or 3 consecutive hits land. From the previous analysis, it can be inferred that if regular damage is 2 or 1 (with 100% to-hit), you are on average better off spending your WIL on an Exerted attack rather than on Axe Storm.