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Backbiter Statistics
Min – Max Stat
5 – 12 Armor
8 – 10 Strength
4 – 13 Willpower
0 – 3 Exertion
1 – 3 Break
Max total Rank
29 1
30 2
31 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Run Through Shield Wall
Class: Raider

The Backbiter is a promotion of the Raider. Like the Raider, his passive is Shield Wall.

Runthrough icon

Active Ability: Run Through[ | ]

The Backbiter selects a target and then runs through multiple spaces to reach them, causing 2 armor damage to each character he runs through. He then stops behind his target and stabs them for normal strength damage.

This allows the Backbiter to move through both friend and foe, giving him the highest mobility of any character on the board. The Backbiter is the most useful when hunting down ranged or weakened enemies hiding in the back rows.

Rank 1: run through 2 tiles

Rank 2: run through 3 tiles

Rank 3: run through 4 tiles

Lore[ | ]

As his friends and kin fell around him, screaming, the thought that now filled young Fadr's head was to simply walk up to the miserable archers responsible and gut each and every one. And he did so. It was only after the deed was done that he even noticed the wall of battle-hardened Varl he had pushed aside to get there, their brows now furrowed in confusion as if to say "What just happened?"