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Bak a Human Hero character encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Bak.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
10 / 11 Armor
11 / 13 Strength
6 / 10 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
1 / 2 Break
Start rank Free points
3 0
Movement Attack
4 1-2
Active Passive
Pig Sticker Embolden
Class: Slaughterer

Background[ | ]

A hog farmer who lost his mind when he lost his wife. He's since regained the ability to live among others, though he talks to his "pig-sticker" like a loved one.

Icon pigsticker

Active Ability: Pig Sticker[ | ]

  • Bak starts with the Pig Sticker ability at Rank 2, as his Hero Rank is 3.

The Slaughterer comes in low and attempts to skewer his target, attacking with a 20% chance to deal a Critical strike, which does double Strength damage. Allies adjacent to the Slaughterer distract the target, thus increasing the chance for Critical damage.

Unlike Impale, Pig Sticker has the same range as the Spearman's regular attacks, two tiles, so the Slaughterer has more opportunity to benefit from the adjacency bonus.

Rank 1: +10% critical chance per ally adjacent to target

Rank 2: +20% critical chance per ally adjacent to target

Rank 3: +30% critical chance per ally adjacent to target

Icon impale

Active Ability: Impale[ | ]

  • Bak gains the Impale ability when promoted to Rank 6.

The Spearmaster skewers an adjacent enemy unit doing normal Strength damage (with 100% chance to hit) before knocking it back with a kick to release his spear. Impaled characters will bleed for one round, taking 1 Strength damage for each tile of movement. This can be especially deadly against Slingers and if bleeding characters are moved against their will.

Rank 1: Bleed and Knock-back 1 tile

Rank 2: Bleed and Knock-back 2 tiles

Rank 3: Bleed and Knock-back 3 tiles

Notes: Knock-back by Impale will not push the target through other units, unlike Battering Ram. Bleeding damage is not received for the tiles knocked-back by Impale's 'kick'.

Icon embolden

Passive Ability: Embolden[ | ]

Each kill the Spearman makes encourages allies to fight harder, granting 1 Willpower to the spearman and any adjacent allies.

Joining the Party[ | ]

Bak is first encountered early during Chapter 9, on the road from Ormsdalr to Bindal, leading a group of trained fighters and tradesmen from Ormsdalr in search of a new home. Bolverk can agree to take them as far as Bindal, and Bak joins the Ravens caravan. He joins Iver's party in Chapter 17.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

If you refuse Bak to join with the Ravens, he and his fighters will attack and he will be killed in the ensuing battle. He will be killed in Chapter 21 if you split up Iver's party to search for Juno or lose the battle against Bolverk.

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Pig Sticker synergizes well with the Artery Strike Talent, as the Critical bonus-chances stack. Furthermore, the right Items will push your Critical chance even further.
  • The Spearman's increased attack-range of 2 tiles can be used to strike 'diagonally' or while safely behind high-Armor allies. In this way, he potentially receives/grants bonuses like Shield Wall, Bloody Flail, Embolden and/or Pig Sticker and is still able to attack.

Trivia[ | ]

Bak has an imaginary friendship with in his spear, with which he often takes counsel! (Spoiler) It is later revealed that this was caused by the traumatic experience of losing a loved one.