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hidden ability
Barbed Stone

Active Ability: Barbed Stones[ | ]

The character lobs a stone egg onto the field.
A round later, it hatches into a loyal skulker.
Rank 1: Spawn an egg on target tile within five spaces. The egg takes a round to hatch and can take 7 damage before being destroyed.
Skulker stats: 5 ARM, 8 STR, 3 WIL, 2 EXE, 2 BRK, Abilities: Icon skulkSkulk, Icon howl Howl

Unlike other summoning abilities, Barbed Stones can be cast an infinite number of times.

How do I get it?[ | ]

In The Banner Saga 3, after recruiting Castaway and traveling for a while, there's an event popup involving "weird eggs"
that mentions your friendly neighborhood Hurler getting all excited about them. Let her collect the eggs, and you've got it!