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Bastion is a playable Dredge Stoneguard introduced in The Banner Saga 3 as a quiet behemoth who understands some vital aspect of the struggles of Humans and Varl against a world in distress.

Dredge stoneguard ally.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
21 / 22 Armor
15 / 15 Strength
8 / 9 Willpower
3 / 3 Exertion
4 / 5 Break
Start rank Free points
13 6
Movement Range
Active Passive
Kindle Splinter
Class: Dredge Stoneguard

Background[ | ]

A towering colossus of black stone who looks like most of the other dredge you've seen, but this one seems to recognize the sacrifices that were made which allow it to survive now within Arberrang. He chooses to fight for his protectors.

Abilities header[ | ]


Active Ability: Kindle[ | ]

The character slams the ground, sending all around him back and damaging their armor severely,
dealing full break damage on hit and 1 more for each tile targets are pushed.
Rank 1: Knocks back 3 tiles
Rank 2: Knocks back 4 tiles
Rank 3: Knocks back 5 tiles
As with most dredge abilities, this damages indiscriminately and must be used with care.
Since friendly Stoneguards' Kindle abilities deal full break, equipping break items can make this ability devestating.

Active Ability: Drumfire[ | ]

The character sends a shockwave through the earth, damaging the armor of non-dredge caught
in its path and churning up molten ash that burns any unlucky enough to step out on it.
Rank 1: -1 ARM from spray, -1 STR per tile
Rank 2: -2 ARM from spray, -1 STR per tile
Rank 3: -3 ARM from spray, -1 STR per tile
This ability must be used carefully, as dredge, including warped, have their armor healed by the effect.

Passive Ability: Splinter[ | ]

The character's armor cracks when he takes 3 or more ARM damage, sending
out shards that chain damage to other adjacent dredge for 1 ARM damage.

Caravan Presence[ | ]

Bastion joins the party in Arberrang after it "breaks" in The Banner Saga 3 if the dredge baby was allowed into the caravan in the first game and Oddleif joined the leader of the caravan outside the walls, unless Alette or Rook carried the baby alone.

If the protagonist brings the baby outside Arberrang without Oddleif, Bastion will come to their defense when they are attacked.

Bastion, staying true to his name, cannot die from story events.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This character's combat sprites are identical to Dredge Stoneguard Colossus, with differently colored paint.
  • Bastion was one of [four heroes] introduced as a Kickstarter reward tier. All but Kivi are available to everyone.