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Bowmaster v0.icon.versus Statistics
Min – Max Stat
4 – 9 Armor
4 – 8 Strength
5 – 12 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
1 – 2 Break
Max total Rank
26 1
27 2
28 3
Movement Attack
3 5
Active Passive
Bird of Prey Puncture
Class: Archer

The Bowmaster is a promotion of the Archer. Like the Archer, her passive ability is Puncture.

Birdofprey icon

Active Ability: Bird of Prey[ | ]

The Bowmaster uses her longbow to shoot further than other less experience archers, and she always hits her mark.

Bird of Prey makes it possible for her to strike units before they are able to get in attack range and allows her passive, Puncture, to be used against more enemies who may have been out of range from a normal shot.

Rank 1: attack at +2 range, 100% chance to hit

Rank 2: attack at +3 range, 100% chance to hit

Rank 3: attack at +4 range, 100% chance to hit

Lore[ | ]

A woman named Mjoll once suffered shame and poverty at her husband's death. Desperate, she sought out an old Mender who claimed to have all the things necessary to change her fortune, save but the "head of one who has seen the world". Six years later Mjoll returned, an arrow through the eye of a legendary hawk she had shot out of the clouds with her husband's bow. Sure enough she found fame and her fortune changed.