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Broddi is the owner of Broddi's Mead Hall, the most famous mead hall of Karlshus.

Background[ | ]

Broddi was born into a family of Karlshus. During his childhood, his town was raided by a gang of bandits. He and his family were however rescued from by a band of varl warriors, including Olaf, who drove the attackers away. He grew up to own a major mead house in the town, which was simply called Broddi's Mead Hall, and became the father of a daughter.

Since the mead produced in Karlshus wasn't anything remarkable, Broddi struck a deal with a criminal gang from Strand named the "Mársmidr", who smuggled in mead of a finer quality from cities like Arberrang, and sold it to him at a modest prize. This helped him in attracting people traveling on the trade routes to his establishment. His mead hall was serviced by a man named Geir, and it allowed people to barter in exchange for money or being serviced.

Recent events[ | ]

After the Mársmidr raided into the heart of the varl territory and stole one half of their valued relic called the "Gift of Hadrborg" from Olaf, it caused the varl to follow the trail of the thief to Halsar, where he found the latter to have been slain. He followed the murderer's trail to Karlshus and came to Broddi's establishment with the boy Stefnir to spend the night there, about two months before the Third Great War. Since he was short on money, he decided to barter Stefnir's wolf pelt.

While bartering, Olaf showed a shattered wooden piece of the Mársmidr's shield to Broddi and asked whom it belonged to. Broddi was however hesitant to answer and told him that that they were his business partners, supplying mead to him at fair price, which attracted people to the town. He however relented once Olaf stated he had figured out that they were smuggling the mead through Strand, and warned he would have to go back to Grofheim to recruit other varls to find the raiders if he failed to do so on his own, and they would be more prone to violence.

Olaf went back to Stefnir, but another varl named Ulfvalgr soon started a bar brawl by hitting one pf the customers, while pretending to attack Olaf in order to throw off the Mársmidr men pursuing him. Ypon arriving there, Ulfvalgr's pursuers found that the he was gone and they forced Broddi to tell them about his interactions with Olaf by threatening him and his daughter, since both the varls had disappeared simultaneously. After finding out, they burnt the mead hall down.