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Castaway is a dredge hurler found alone among aggressive humans at the godstone Denglr in The Banner Saga 3.
Perhaps it was divine luck that Iver and crew found the dredge and freed her from the misery of rejection with Alfrun's translations.

Dredge hurler ally.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
10 / 10 Armor
11 / 11 Strength
10 / 10 Willpower
3 / 3 Exertion
3 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
10 3
Movement Attack
4 2-5
Active Passive
Shatterstone Back Off
Class: Dredge Hurler

Background[ | ]

A dredge female found reluctantly stuck within the darkness at the godstone Denglr, capable of exploding thrown rocks. The speechless stonehurler was attacked by human survivors there until Iver and the Ravens came along. Separated from her own kind, she seems rather pragmatic about the whole situation.

Abilities header[ | ]


Active Ability: Shatterstone[ | ]

The character throws an unstable shatterstone onto the field.
Although not as powerful as a stable shatterstone, it explodes immediately, damaging surrounding tiles.
Rank 1: -1 ARM, -1 STR
Rank 2: -2 ARM, -2 STR
Rank 3: -3 ARM, -3 STR
Because the shatterstone will hurt anyone around it, choosing where it lands is critical.

Active Ability: Sunstrike[ | ]

The character strikes her target solidly in the head, leaving the target
dazed and unable to exert himself for anything more than basic actions.
Rank 1: STR damage
Rank 2: STR damage +1
Rank 3: STR damage +2
Sunstrike is useful for locking down enemies with
particularly dangerous abilities, among other things.
Back Off

Passive Ability: Back Off[ | ]

When hit, the character retreats to a new position
in hopes of finding a better vantage point.
The exact position is not controlled.

Effects from Story Progression[ | ]

In The Banner Saga 3, there's an event in which Castaway can get an additional ability. This ability is called [SPOILER] Icon barbedstones Barbed Stone.

It can also tell the Ravens to eat mushroom-like plants they find in the underworld in Chapter 21, enabling them to travel faster.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

The Castaway does not appear in Iver's party if you lose the battle against Bolverk in Chapter 21, presumably killed alongside the Ravens.

Trivia[ | ]

  • When Castaway first meets Iver, she recognizes him as the one who killed Raze, calling him "Destroyer".
  • Barbed Stones can be cast infinite times, the only instance of a summoning ability where this is allowed for friendly units.