Banner Saga Wiki

The second part of The Banner Saga introduces a new type of board 'entity': Destructible Blockers.

For all practical combat-related purposes, these can be considered as immobile 'units' with zero 'Armor' that occupy certain tiles and do not get to act (move, attack, use abilities). Attacking these Blockers until their 'Strength' is reduced to zero, breaks them down, allowing any unit to walk through the tile they occupied.

There are currently several types of such destructible blockers:

  • Barricades: 1x1 sized, with 8 Strength.
  • Supply Barrels: 1x1 sized, with 8 Strength.
  • Skulker Eggs: 1x1 sized, with 8 Strength (produced in pairs by Dredge Barb Hurlers).
  • Trollstones: 1x1 sized, with 8 Strength (produced by Eyvind's Trollstones active ability).
  • Ice Rocks: Small (1x1) and Large (2x2 sized), with 8 and 15 Strength, respectively.

Strategic Uses[ | ]

Apart from their obvious importance in positioning, e.g. hindering passage especially of bulky 2x2 sized units, these blockers can also be used 'strategically' to:

  • Transmit Eyvind's Arc Lightning ability and hit targets diagonally adjacent to the blocker
  • Activate Mogr's Bring the Pain ability, by attacking the blocker for Armor Break damage
  • In the release version of game, Bolverk's Cull the Weak ability could also be used on destructible blockers; this feature was subsequently removed.