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Dredge Direguard
Size 2x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Splinter, Sentinel Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Drumfire
Armor 18
Strength 13
Willpower 5
Exertion 1
Break 5

General[ | ]

A Dredge Direguard is first encountered as a mini-boss in Chapter 8 and later in the game, in larger numbers, mostly accompanying Stonesingers. Direguards are an 'augmented' variety of Stoneguards, bearing a shield and an axe-like weapon.

Passive Ability: Splinter[ | ]

When a Dredge with the Splinter passive receives an Armor-break attack equal to or larger than 3, then all adjacent Dredge (of whichever class) suffer 1 Armor damage. This Armor damage is transferred in a domino-like effect along a 'chain' of adjacent Dredge.

Passive Ability: Sentinel[ | ]

Whenever a Stonesinger is attacked, taking Strength or Armor damage, all Dredge Direguards & Gloomwardens focus their attack on the offender for one round. If the offender cannot be reached, they skip their turn, often without even moving.

Active Ability: Drumfire[ | ]

The Direguard smashes his shield in the ground (similarly to the Stoneguard's Kindle), blasting a Shockwave in a 2x5-tile region in front of him. The Shockwave does 1 Break damage to all enemies, Mends Dredge by +1 Armor and leaves hot ash covering the region for one round. Afterwards, each hot ash tile does 1 Strength damage to non-Dredge and +1 Armor to Dredge, when walked over. The hot ash dissolves in the beginning of the Direguard's next turn, but stays if he is killed.


  • Drumfire can be troublesome in tightly confined boards, because of the large area it covers.
  • As Direguards rarely use Drumfire twice, it is advisable not to kill them during the round they cast it, so that the harmful hot ash may disappear from the board at their next turn.