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Dredge Fire Slinger
Size 1x1 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3 tiles
Attack Ranged (2-5 tiles)
Passive Back Off Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Shatterstone
Stats & Ranks Regular Flame Inferno
Armor 8 8 9
Strength 8 9 9
Willpower 4 5 6
Exertion 1 1 1
Break 1 2 3
*** Stats are for Normal difficulty. For Easy apply -3ARM and -2STR; for Hard apply +1ARM and +1STR.

General[ | ]

Dredge Fire Slingers are an improved version of their weaker Slag Slinger 'cousins'. They don't have higher stats but they possess a powerful active ability, Shatterstone (see below), that is similar to Slag and Burn in some accounts.

They come in three ranks: regular, Flame and Inferno. The higher ranks, distinguished by different colors, are encountered later in the game or in the Hard difficulty setting.

Passive Ability: Back Off[ | ]

When a Dredge with the Back Off passive receives either Strength or Armor damage, it will move 3 tiles randomly, in a general direction away from the attacker.


  • The random nature of Back Off makes Slingers hard to get, especially when you want to Break them and follow-up with a Strength attack.
  • Always be cautious when attacking a Slinger. Back Off movement can expose your allies to attacks from back-line Dredge that were blocked by that Slinger!
  • The exact conditions under which the Back Off passive triggers are not entirely clear; for example, Splinter damage does not trigger it, whereas Heavy Impact does.
  • It seems that Back Off is triggered only once between two turns of a Slinger unit; hence, if a Slinger has already Backed Off, using e.g. a Spearman's Impale on it won't cause extra walking damage.

Active Ability: Shatterstone[ | ]

The Fire Slinger reaches into its pouch and produces two blue-glowing rocks. It crushes them together and throws them at two tiles, occupied or not, in its normal attack-range. On the start of its next turn, both rocks explode dealing 2 Strength and 2 Armor damage to any unit (ally and enemy alike) standing in the 5-tile area defined by the tile the rock landed on and its four adjacent ones.


  • Killing the Fire Slinger neutralizes its two 'bombs'.
  • In case a unit is found in the 5-tile areas of both Shatterstones, it will take double damage. Sometimes both Shatterstones are thrown on the same tile; that would make the tile glow brighter.
  • Large (2x2) units will only take up to 2 Strength & 2 Armor damage from a single Shatterstone.
  • Shatterstone increases the effective range of Fire Slingers to 6 tiles.