Banner Saga Wiki

Dredge Gloomwarden
Size 2x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 4 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Splinter, Sentinel Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Shudder
Armor 14
Strength 18
Willpower 5
Exertion 1
Break 3

General[ | ]

Dredge Gloomwardens are encountered in the later half of the second part of The Banner Saga usually accompanying Stonesingers. Gloomwardens are an 'augmented' variety of Scourges, wielding a huge double-blade weapon that looks like a tuning-fork.

Passive Ability: Splinter[ | ]

When a Dredge with the Splinter passive receives an Armor-break attack equal to or larger than 3, then all adjacent Dredge (of whichever class) suffer 1 Armor damage. This Armor damage is transferred in a domino-like effect along a 'chain' of adjacent Dredge.

Passive Ability: Sentinel[ | ]

Whenever a Stonesinger is attacked, taking Strength or Armor damage, all Dredge Direguards & Gloomwardens focus their attack on the offender for one round. If the offender cannot be reached, they skip their turn, often without even moving.

Active Ability: Shudder[ | ]

The Gloomwarden grasps its twin-blade with both hands (similar to the Scourge's Tremble) and starts casting a spell buffing its allies for one round. Shudder covers all Dredge with volatile spikes that shatter on impact, doing 1 Strength damage to all adjacent enemy whenever a Dredge is attacked. The spikes disappear when the Gloomwarden starts its next turn or if he is attacked midway, interrupting the spell; in the latter case, the Gloomwarden counter-attacks the interrupting unit, if in melee range.


  • Shudder can be particularly nasty to all-melee parties, especially if the Gloomwarden is unreachable, protected behind the enemy front lines.
  • Attention: Doing ranged-attacks on a Dredge covered by Shudder will still do 1STR damage to all non-Dredge allies adjacent to it!