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Dredge Spark Slinger
Size 1x1 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3 tiles
Attack Ranged (2-5 tiles)
Passive Back Off Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Sunstrike
Stats & Ranks Regular Blind Sun
Armor 8 8 9
Strength 8 9 9
Willpower 4 5 6
Exertion 1 1 1
Break 1 2 3
*** Stats are for Normal difficulty. For Easy apply -3ARM and -2STR; for Hard apply +1ARM and +1STR.

General[ | ]

Dredge Spark Slingers are an improved version of their weaker Slag Slinger 'cousins'. They don't have higher stats but they possess a crippling active ability, Sunstrike (see below).

They come in three ranks: regular, Blind and Sun. The higher ranks, distinguished by different colors, are encountered later in the game or in the Hard difficulty setting.

Passive Ability: Back Off[ | ]

When a Dredge with the Back Off passive receives either Strength or Armor damage, it will move 3 tiles randomly, in a general direction away from the attacker.


  • The random nature of Back Off makes Slingers hard to get, especially when you want to Break them and follow-up with a Strength attack.
  • Always be cautious when attacking a Slinger. Back Off movement can expose your allies to attacks from back-line Dredge that were blocked by that Slinger!
  • The exact conditions under which the Back Off passive triggers are not entirely clear; for example, Splinter damage does not trigger it.

Active Ability: Sunstrike[ | ]

Abl dredge sunstrike.buff

The Spark Slinger hits its projectile on the ground, spins it with blinding speed and fires it at an enemy target within its normal attack range. This special attack deals regular Strength damage, with 100% chance to hit (i.e. minimum 1 damage). Moreover, the force of the blow staggers and blinds the target unit, zeroing its Exertion for its following turn. A red 'debuff' icon appears on the portrait of the struck unit, in the turn-queue.