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Dredge Stoneguard
Size 2x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 4 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Splinter Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Kindle
Stats & Ranks Regular Defender Colossus
Armor 16 19 21
Strength 11 11 13
Willpower 2 2 3
Exertion 1 1 1
Break 2 3 4
*** Stats are for Normal difficulty. For Easy apply -3ARM and -2STR; for Hard apply +1ARM and +1STR.

General[ | ]

Stoneguard are arguably the most powerful Dredge units. They sport huge shields, heavy maces, long movement range and a powerful Armor-damaging active ability. Stoneguard have high Armor and Break making them the Dredge alter-ego to Varl Shieldbangers. They are very hard to take down due to their exceedingly high hit-points and are usually dealt with using Armor-bypass damage abilities like Bloody Flail, Slag and Burn, Impale or Sundering Impact.

They come in three ranks: regular, Defender and Colossus. The higher ranks distinguished by different colors are encountered later in the game or in the Hard difficulty setting. Watch out for that purple-colored giant!

Passive Ability: Splinter[ | ]

When a Dredge with the Splinter passive receives an Armor-break attack equal to or larger than 3, then all adjacent Dredge (of whichever class) suffer 1 Armor damage. This Armor damage is transferred in a domino-like effect along a 'chain' of adjacent Dredge.

Active Ability: Kindle[ | ]

The Stoneguard kneels and smashes its shield on the ground creating an out-stretching shock-wave. All adjacent units, allies or enemies, receive 1 Armor damage and are knocked back up to three tiles, receiving an additional 1 Armor damage for each tile they are knocked back. This ability can cause up to 4 Armor damage to a unit and affects up to eight units leading to a tremendous damage output!


  • Unlike the Battering Ram ability, Kindle cannot push units through other ones. So, blocked units received less damage.
  • Stoneguard AI (version 2.1.65) use of Kindle is many times questionable, often leading to more Armor damage to its allies rather than its enemies!