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Eagle Eye is a promoted class stemming from the Archer base-class, introduced in the first part of The Banner Saga.

  • The main active ability of the Eagle Eye is called Thread the Needle.
  • Her second active ability is Overwatch.
  • One playable hero belongs to this promoted class, Alette, one of game's lead characters.
  • Units of this class have not (yet) been introduced in Factions.

Icon threadtheneedle

Active Ability: Thread the Needle[ | ]

By selecting an enemy in a straight line up to 5 spaces, the Eagle Eye shoots through every character in the way, doing normal Strength damage to each, in addition to bonus Armor and Puncture damage.

Thread the Needle is one of few abilities that can damage multiple enemies in a single shot, making it extremely powerful in the right hands. Even though it also hits allies, using Thread the Needle in tandem with some abilities, like the Raidmaster's Stone Wall, can be a good combination.

Rank 1: Regular Strength damage +1 Break damage to all units

Rank 2: Regular Strength damage +2 Break damage to all units

Rank 3: Regular Strength damage +3 Break damage to all units

Playstyle[ | ]

Thread the Needle in combination with Puncture can cause tremendous amounts of damage. However, correctly positioning the Eagle Eye as well as arranging for enemies to 'fall in line' for her to pierce them, is no easy task. Moreover, killing multiple weakened enemies might not always be desirable. Turn Advantage is the culprit here; refer to the Tactical Strategy guide for more insight.