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Eirik is one of the first human Hero characters encountered in the The Banner Saga series.

Warden v0.icon.versus.png Statistics
Base – Max Stat
9 / 11 Armor.png
8 / 11 Strength.png
5 / 10 Willpower.png
2 / 3 Exertion.png
1 / 3 Break.png
Start rank Free points
1 0
Movement Range
Active Passive
Rally Light Step
Class: Warden

Background[edit | edit source]

Eirik is the guy who gets stuff done for the governor of Strand, though for a man with a heavy responsibility he seems to have an awful lot of freedom in his methods. Plenty of warring clans within Strand have tried to take him down, none have succeeded. Eventually he earned himself the nickname "The Iron Turtle".

Abilities[edit | edit source]


Active Ability | Rally[edit | edit source]

The warden is an expert of city warfare, darting in and out to be useful where he's needed.
Rank 1: grant an ally 2 willpower
Rank 2: grant an ally 4 willpower
Rank 3: grant an ally 6 willpower
While he doesn't use a bow like the hunter, Rally allows him to grant willpower to allies
when they'll need it most, making an invaluable support character.
Since Rally grants 2 top-text per 1 spent, using the Horn on this unit can make it more efficient.
Icon track.png

Active Ability | Track[edit | edit source]

Eirik gains Track ability when he is promoted to Rank 6.

Ducking and weaving among his allies, the Tracker becomes invisible to his enemies.
He waits for the right moment and finds his target's most vulnerable spot before attacking.
Rank 1: Ignore 3 armor
Rank 2: Ignore 6 armor
Rank 3: Ignore 9 armor
The effect of the invisibility disappears the instant the Tracker deals damage,
picking the correct target is critical and can change the entire balance of battle.
Track can block units' movement (and end their turns!) without being dispelled.
Icon light step.png

Passive Ability | Light Step[edit | edit source]

The landsman uses his superior dexterity to move around bodies, allowing him to pass through, but not stop on, any allies.
Light step can help a crafty landsman get safely into position behind armored allies before going in for the strike, or escape from a dangerous position.

Caravan Membership[edit | edit source]

Bug[edit | edit source]

A save import error can prevent Eirik from joining Iver's party in the third game in case he was sent back to Strand in the first game. This can be resolved by manually editing the save file.[1]

Survival Mode[edit | edit source]

In The Banner Saga 2...[edit | edit source]

  • Eirik can choose between Call Bear and Track when promoted to Rank 6, instead of having both.
  • Calling an extra unit, Spinegrinder, makes Eirik an invaluable Hero in the Survival Mode, due to its 'Pillage-locked' Turn-Queue. Moreover, Spinegrinder can be normally re-summoned, even if he was 'killed' (knocked out) in a battle; he is not subject to 'Permadeath' like the regular Heroes, but his 'Death' will count in the final score!

In The Banner Saga 3...[edit | edit source]

As of 10/11/18, Eirik can't use Call Bear. It's unknown whether this is intended or a bug.

Tips & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eirik's best use is as an on-demand Armor Breaker, so increasing this stat to its max is really helpful.
  • Eirik is prickly about his honor and that can be used to manipulate him, when needed...
  • He is one of the lead characters in the book The Gift of Hadrborg by James Fadeley.
  • His name loosely translates to "One/Alone"+"Mighty".

References[edit | edit source]