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Eirik is one of the first human Hero characters encountered in the The Banner Saga series and the Steward of Strand. He previously used to be an agent of the Governor's Guard.

Warden v0.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
9 / 11 Armor
8 / 11 Strength
5 / 10 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
1 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
1 0
Movement Range
Active Passive
Rally Light Step
Class: Warden

Background[ | ]

Eirik is the guy who gets stuff done for the governor of Strand, though for a man with a heavy responsibility he seems to have an awful lot of freedom in his methods. Plenty of warring clans within Strand have tried to take him down, none have succeeded. Eventually he earned himself the nickname "The Iron Turtle".

Eirik is the illegitimate son of the current governor of Strand and a bar maid. As his mother was poor, this left his family lacking in having basic amenities, although she was secretly gifted enough money at regular intervals for his education. When he was fourteen, she started suffering from a pox disease called the "Northern Chills" and wrote a letter, before instructing him to take it to the governor at the Great Hall in case she died, which she did a week later.

Eirik went to the Great Hall to honor his late mother's last wishes, but was turned away twice before the Governor's Steward Olvir noticed him and took him under his care after reading the letter. He was eventually able to join the Governor's Guard due to his cunningness and fighting ability. This allowed him a bed and living quarters of his own, something he was thankful for even if the amenities were unremarkable. In time, Eirik came to be reputed as one of the most able agents of the Guard and was nicknamed the "Iron Turtle" due to his knack for survival.

During his time at the Great Hall, Eirik formed close friendships with his fellow agent Valgard and Strand's official blacksmith Gylfi. About a year before the Third Great War, he traveled with the governor's legitimate son Ragnar for inspecting Karlshus, and saved his life from an attack by the Aetla Hilmir, who had been motivated by the Vak'auga to prove that they were willing to take over Strand. Although Eirik saw the Vaka'auga spymaster Leiknir among the assailants as they fled, he was unable to have him convicted.

Recent events[ | ]

Hallvard's return[ | ]

Under the orders of steward Olvir, Eirik infiltrated one of the gangs called the "Glotta-Ox", who were locked in a violent feud with another gang called the "Oerr-Brandr", about two months before the Third Great War, in order to destroy both gangs who operated in the slums of Hundgaman. As part of his plan, he disguised himself as a refugee named "Thorgils", asking them to be smuggled into Strand and agreeing to become a member to pay the debt, while Valgard did the same with the Oerr-Brandrs.

When members of the Glotta-Ox and Oerr-Brandr gathered at Veggr's Drinking Hall for a drink, both men pretended to get into a fistfight. Eirik soon shoved Valgard into the Glotta-Oxs, which led to a violent armed brawl. The two men finished off nearly everyone there who hadn't been killed by the opposing gang member, but one of them was able to escape and call for reinforcements, leading both to flee. The killings ignited a gang war, decimating the ranks of both gangs, with the City Watch of Strand arresting some of the rest.

Eirik and Valgard were later sent to infiltrate a caravan coming into the city, in order to keep a lookout for anyone smuggling goods, and were told to mark carts of merchants involved in bribing the guards. While carrying out the order, they noticed Hallvard, a notorious former member of the Mársmidr who had fled Strand months ago after stealing from his gang, following the two varls Olaf and Ulfvalgr, and a boy Stefnir. The two men eventually caught up to him and Hallvard told them that the Mársmidr leader Freystein had offered to pardon him in return for following the three people.

Return of Hallvard[ | ]

Unknown to Eirik and Valgard, Hallvard knew they had been trailing him and planned to get caught in order to keep the varls and the boy alive. As the three men followed them, Eirik recognized that they were unwittingly heading into the territory of the gang called the "Kollsvein's Kin", who soon ambushed them and demanded their money. A fight broke out as the three refused, but Eirik elected to wait and see whether they were able to handle themselves against the gang members. Hallvard however chose to help them and escaped the grasp of the two men, forcing them to join the fight as well, and Valgard was able to kill the gang's leader Kollsvein, making the surviving gang members flee.

The three men then pretended to the varls and the boy that they were bounty hunters and learnt their identities. Eirik told them that the inn which they were looking for and was supposed to be suitable for varls had burnt down years ago, suggesting instead that they stay in one of the abandoned buildings for the night. He agreed to join them with his associates when Olaf invited them, telling them it would ensure that they're more safe. The group soon discovered an abandoned hall suitable for all of them and decided to spend the night there.

When Olaf told Eirik and the others about the journey of his group before they ended up in Strand, the Guardsman discovered that Stefnir recognized Hallvard, as he twitched and looked at him during the mention of Karlshus, which was in the same direction they and he came from. Eirik deliberately put Hallvard on the lookout after dinner and trailed him when he went to relieve himself, forcing him to admit that he had encountered them before in Karlshus, and was told by Ottar to trail them but keep them alive, in order to get the varl relic they were carrying. Convinced, Eirik left him alone.

Discovering Freystein[ | ]

Stefnir in the morning encountered Runa, a girl from her village who had been enslaved but was now working for Leiknir, who had freed her. She warned him that Eirik and Valgard were agents of the Governor's Guard and were using him. He later told Ulfvalgr that he didn't trust the two men and the varl agreed, stating that they'll leave without them when Olaf returned. After the varls and the boy left, Eirik followed them along with Valgard and Hallvard, despite the former stating that it was pointless. Eirik insisted that if Freystein was involved, something bigger was going on.

The varls soon met their old friend Kjallak at the mead hall called The Shattered Shield, with Eirik and Valgard hiding in an opposite building alongside Hallvard to spy on them. He however recognized that one of the men with Kjallak was Skoegir, a Mársmidr member, and made Hallvard reveal the truth upon realizing the situation was suspicious. Hallvard admitted that Freystein was dead, secretly thinking them knowing the truth wouldn't change anything, and Eirik realized that Kjallak was the new usurper spreading rumors that he was still alive.

As Kjallak tried to attack his former friends and Stefnir, who had been trapped by the Mársmidr, Eirik and Valgard jumped at him through the window. Kjallak stumbled as Eirik's axe grazed his backside, and the Guardsman was soon attacked by Skoegir with a hot poker. Eirik tumbled into the unblanced Valgard while dodging, sending hi rolling over him. The move however saved them from being hit by Kjallak's war hammer, which got stuck in a wall after the varl missed them. Skoegir soon attacked them again, but Valgard sent him retreating.

As Eirik and Valgard decided to open a path to the stairs by jumping at one of them, Ulfvalgr added in the force of his axe's strike as well, breaking the gangster's shield and killing him. Valgard held them off as his allies escaped the room, but he was badly injured. After hearing his scream, Eirik looked back while descending the stairs and caught him as he fell. Olaf came to their rescue as a gangster attacked them, and the two carried Valgard to the ground floor. After they descended, Ulfvalgr destroyed the stairs before the Mársmidr could descend to buy time. Outside, Eirik spotted a line of wagons and bribed the owner Frode to take them under his protection and to the Great Hall.

Ambush at the Great Hall[ | ]

After apologizing for lying to them earlier, Eirik provided answers to Olaf, Ulfvalgr and Stefnir when asked. He told them who he and Valgard were really were, how Strand came to be infested with crime, and about the major syndicates in the city. When Ulfvalgr asked why the Governor's Guard hadn't taken down the Mársmidr yet, Eirik revealed that they had tried searching for Freystein when he disappeared, but the men they sent to infiltrate the gang turned up dead. Eirik then asked them how they knew Kjallak, being told that he was a former kendr who was forced to leave their clan. They however refused to reveal what he was after when he asked them. Eirik suggested that they figure out their next move together and offered them hospitality at the Great Hall, but Ulfvalgr refused, stating that they would go their own separate way.

As they passed a location where a fight was going on, Eirik revealed to them that it was a tournament organized by the City Watch, in order to keep the troublemakers from committing crime. The party soon reached the Great Hall and Valgard was taken to the menders of Melkorka for healing, while Eirik had his guests lodged in a room of the guest wing, so as to keep an eye on them. Olvir however told him to leave them and go after the Aetla Hilmir instead, handing him a piece of iron ore with the gang's sigil and telling him to inquire from Gylfi about where it was mined from. When he expressed reluctance, Olvir assured that he would look after his guests himself.

Eirik showed the ore to Gylfi, who held him hostage after realizing he was after the Aetla Hilmir. Gylfi revealed he was working with them, claiming the governor was a weak ruler who lavished the peasants while crime in the city soared, and the Hilmir would bring order to Strand. He also stated that he had helped them in gaining entry by giving them key to the under hall, with Eirik realizing it was the disguised servant he saw visiting him earlier. Learning that they were after the varls, he came to the startling conclusion that they were working with the Mársmidr. He told about this to Gylfi, but the blacksmith struggled to accept it. Eirik used his distraction to attack him and knock him out, before binding him. He then went after the gang members inside the Great Hall.

Reaching the room he had lodged his guests in, Eirik slew the Aetla Hilmir standing outside and tried sneaking up behind their leader, who soon spotted him. Eirik realized he was the same man who had visited Gylfi and struggled in the fight with him, but was able to hit the room's hearth with the flat of his axe, sending burning cinders flying towards the Aetla Hilmir and in the room. He then used the flaming bed sheets to hold them back after they were able to put out the fire on their furs, and seeing that the area around the door had caught fire as well, used them to scare Olaf into breaking a window by crashing into Ulfvalgr and Stefnir. As the three slid onto the slanted roof, Eirik followed them and they safely landed on a huge pile of snow down the hill on which the Great Hall stood, but not before he heard Stefnir calling out to a woman standing on the roof as "Runa".

The triumvirate[ | ]

Eirik later went in hiding along with the varls and Stefnir in a ruined temple, located in the slums of Grárgróf. He was soon contacted by Dagny, who had been sent by Strand's spymaster Vott, and was told that the guards had found unrecorded weapons of huge sizes in Gylfi's smithy. He was also also informed that the Aetla Hilmir had escaped, and was told by Vott that they needed to talk. When Ulfvalgr wanted to leave as he didn't trust Strand's authorities, Ulfvalgr made him realize he would in more danger on his own and convinced him to stay. He then demanded to know what Kjallak was so badly after. Receiving no answers, he asked Stefnir who Runa was, but she arrived there herself. When the four didn't trust her claims of her just wanting to talk, she stated that she could have easily killed them if she wanted to, which caused them to relent.

Runa told Eirik that Leiknir wanted to see him in order to help him crush the schemes of the gangs, having grown tired of his criminal life. Eirik initially refused, but decided to consult with his allies after Olaf and Stefnir asked him to reconsider. As all three agreed, he sent her back and told her he would meet him. Stefnir called out to her as she left and everyone stared at him, knowing he recognized her. They were then told how she was abducted by the Vak'auga during a raid on his village, before going to work for Leiknir who had freed her, and he had left his village in order to take revenge on the raiders. Despite his reluctance, Eirik firmly decided to meet Leiknir when Olaf told Stefnir to abandon his vengeance as it was useless.

The next day, Eirik went to the arena called the Brenna Training Hall with Stefnir in order to meet with Leiknir, while sending the two varls to hide at The Caroling Giant after Ulfvalgr suggested it. At the arena, Eirik learnt from Leiknir himself about why he wanted to help, and that one of the men he fought at the Great Hall was the Aetla Hilmir leader Nikolas, leaving him frustrated as it meant he was close to bringing him down. He was also told about the triumvirate of gangs consisting of the Vak'auga, the Mársmidr and the Hilmir, trying to conquer Strand, and was given directions to a warehouse at the western docks, with Leiknir stating he would find something important there.

A horrifying discovery[ | ]

Leiknir gave Runa as collateral to Eirik, who sent her and Stefnir to fetch the varls while he went alone to talk with Vott at his tailor shop called Vott's Consignments. He told Vott about his dealings with Olaf, Ulfvalgr, Stefnir and Leiknir and also learnt that Gylfi was likely making weapons for the Aetla Hilmir. Eirik insisted on going after the warehouse Leiknir had told him of, despite Vott telling him that the western docks were unguarded, and that the triumvirate were clearly planning something big. He also asked him to arrange new cloths for him and his allies, as well as a Nautmot yoxen cart with a tall canopy for the varls to hide in, before telling him to inform Olvir about all they had learnt.

Eirik, Olaf, Ulfvalgr, Runa and Stefnir later went to the Vak'auga warehouse at the western docks as Leiknir told them to, and soon heard banging coming from inside a nearby meat locker after they slew a guard. Opening it, they discovered that it was Hallvard, who had been badly tortured and mutilated after being caught by his old gang. Hallvard told them that they should take the back door as it would be lightly guarded before passing out.

After entering the Vak'auga warehouse through the backdoor, Eirik woke Hallvard up in the kitchen and asked if there were any other guards, being told that others would be arriving there later with a shipment, and what they were looking for was in the basement, which would be lightly guarded. Eirik went there along with Olaf and Ulfvalgr, while telling Runa and Stefnir to keep an eye on the exit as well as Hallvard. They struck at the two guards they found in the basement, with Eirik killing one of them and Ulfvalgr the other.

As Eirik and Ulfvalgr searched the rooms of the basement while Olaf stood guard at the stairs, Runa and Stefnir soon arrived with Hallvard to inform them that other gang members were going to arrive there soon. Olaf asked Eirik and Ulfvalgr if they had found anything, but after they replied in the negative, Hallvard decided to help them and retrieved an item hidden in one of the rooms, leaving the warehouse with them before the guards arrived. To their surprise however, they soon found that what they had retrieved was the skull of a deceased varl.

Preparing a plan[ | ]

Eirik later took his allies to a secluded mansion outside Strand, where they learnt from Hallvard that he had gone there to expose his gang after finding out that they had killed his brother Johan, while also revealing that Kjallak had been smuggling varl skeletons into Strand and was after a shield-like amulet. Eirik then thought up a plan to lure the triumvirate by hosting a tournament where Olaf and Ulfvalgr will be in the open, knowing that the gangs would send one of their trusted lieutenants. He also told Runa to have Leiknir inform his boss Magnus about it very late, so the Vak'auga and the Mársmidr would struggle to find anyone for the fight, and decided to have the City Watch arrive there at a scheduled time to prevent any surprise attacks by the Aetla Hilmir.

Eirik reluctantly allowed Hallvard to join his group and went to Vott five days later to tell him what he had discovered, encountering Olvir himself there. The steward agreed to go along with his plan, knowing all too well that the stolen skeletons could anger the other varls and endanger Strand. Olvir told him to bring Olaf and Ulfvalgr into custody afterwards, but he was reluctant since it would further justify their distrust of him. He also found out from the steward that the number of varls arriving in Strand had mysteriously increased, with the most notable among them being Vilmundr, and some of them had joined the triumvirate. They then agreed to hold the tournament in two days.

Eirik went back to the mansion to inform his allies about the tournament, and when he was told that they weren't ready, he stated that they has no choice as the varls would eventually find out that their graves had been robbed. He then told them about the varls arriving in Strand and asked them who Vilmundr was, with Ulfvalgr revealing that he was a warlord with shifting loyalties who served the Varl King Jorundr. After telling them about the varls joining the triumvirate, Olaf assured him that their training would allow them to fight them.

Eirik soon told Runa about Brenna Training Hall being burnt down, though informing her that Leiknir wasn't among the dead. He also informed Olaf and Ulfvalgr that Olvir wanted them to come into custody after the tournament, but he decided to reveal it to them since he had promised to not lie to them again. As he offered to help them escape, Ulfvalgr rejected it and stated that they would come along quietly. He then showed the map of the location where they would fight, so they could strategize and become familiar with it.

The tournament[ | ]

Eirik and his allies went to the planned tournament as scheduled, where they were challenged by the gangsters led by Kjallak's lieutenant Ottar. Eirik knocked Ottar out as he tried to kill Stefnir, and his group won the match soon afterwards. Eirik however realized that the City Watch hadn't arrived yet even though were supposed to, and they were soon ambushed by the disguised Aetla Hilmir. He told the others escape along with Ottar, but Ulfvalgr decided to stay and fight alongside him. As they were attacked, Eirik was confronted by the Aetla Hilmir's leader Nikolas, while Ulfvalgr fought the others. As he succeeded in wounding his opponent, he soon learnt to his shock that Nikolas was actually the son of Helvir, the late brother of the Governor of Strand.

After noticing the City Watch finally arriving, Eirik escaped from Nikolas' grasp and killed one of the Aetla Hilmir surrounding Ulfvalgr, in order to give the varl an opening. He then told him to knock down an overhead bundle of logs on them, allowing him to escape from the gangsters. Ulfvalgr stated that he was ready to turn himself in, but Eirik told him that they could not trust anyone at the Great Hall since the arrival of the City Watch had been deliberately delayed. The two then decided to flee back to their hideout while the gang members were busy fighting the city's guards. After they returned however, Eirik and his allies soon found that the other half of the amulet Kjallak coveted was always with Olaf.

Ottar eventually agreed to help Eirik's group due to Hallvard's torture, telling them that the Vak'auga were smuggling in an important shipment fir Kjallak at the Ninth Pier, which was their best chance of capturing Magnus or Kjallak. Eirik wanted to bring the City Watch to help them, but the others refused to go along with his plan since they did not trust the guards. They decided to raid the pier on their own when he kept insisting, and took the yoxen cart with them as well. Knowing he was short on time, Eirik crafted a sledge for the mutilated Ottar and arrived with him at the Great Hall, where he told Olvir about what was happening.

Raid on Magnus[ | ]

While at the Great Hall, Eirik found out that Valgard had finally recovered and that it was Melkorka who had given false orders to Captain Dylan about delaying the arrival of the City Watch. The three went along with the City Watch to the Ninth Pier, and found that the Magnus had docked there. They however failed to capture him, despite slaying a number of his men and some of the Mársmidr. Eirik soon found Hallvard, Olaf and Ulfvalgr being confronted by the City Watch, but ordered the guards to stand down. He learnt from them that Magnus had a twin and they were forced to escape after one of the Magnuses alerted his crew. Eirik however soon found that Stefnir and Runa had gone missing while pursuing the other, and told Valgard to have the City Watch look for them.

When Olvir demanded to know why Kjallak was willing to cause so much trouble for a shield, Ulfvalgr finally admitted that it was the divine amulet called the "Gift of Hadrborg", which was said to be able to bring the dead varl back to life and was used by the fourth Varl King Throstr to rally the varls against the dredge during the Second Great War. Eirik soon realized to his horror that Kjallak wanted to use it to not only help Nikolas take over Strand, but become the Varl King by earning Vilmundr's loyalty, and might also use it to conquer Arberrang. Olaf informed them that the other half of the amulet had however been lost with Stefnir, who had fallen into the sea along with Runa, and Eirik futilely spent hours looking for him along with others.

Runa soon returned to Eirik's group after escaping the triumvirate alongside Stefnir, and told them that Kjallak was going to show the Gift of Hadrborg to Vilmundr. They also learnt from her that Stefnir had left a trail of mead to follow him from the warehouse from where the two escaped, but they were forced to go alone with Olvir and two guards of the City Watch, since the others with them were tired and it would take time to assemble fresh ones. At the warehouse, Olvir told them to search the place for any clues, but all they found were corpses of Leiknir and Fiske. Eirik regretted that he had despised Leiknir so much, even after he wanted to atone for his crimes. Olvir sent one of the guards to bring Valgard there, while he and the others followed the mead trail.

The end of the triumvirate[ | ]

The mead trail left by Stefnir disappeared as Eirik's group reached the northern districts of Strand, and Olvir sent the remaining guard to bring Valgard there with the City Watch. Eirik soon found his name etched on a pillar near an abandoned temple of Hadrborg, and the group decided to attack the triumvirate immediately. Olvir told them to wait, but realizing they would not relent, he had Eirik mark directions for Valgard so he could bring the Watch to the temple. As they sneaked up to the bridge leading to the temple, they found a figure leaning over the parapet on the other side. Hallvard decided to take a look and found that it was Skoegir. As he fought him, his allies soon arrived and slew another man trying to attack him. Hallvard however told them to leave him alone so he could settle scores with Skoegir for killing Johan, which they reluctantly agreed with.

Eirik's group then assaulted the other triumvirate gangsters at the temple, slaying many of them and finding Kjallak inside the prayer hall with Nikolas, Vilmundr and Melkorka. As they went after Kjallak, Nikolas tried to sneak up to Olvir, but was foiled by Eirik. The two then engaged in a duel, with Nikolas berating him for not trying to take over the throne for himself and protecting a weakling like Ragnar. Eirik berated him in return, stating that it was better than having a power-hungry madman as a ruler, and caused his sword to be stuck in his shield as he attacked him. He then unleashed a flurry of blows with his axe on his shield in anger, before eventually breaking apart the wooden barrier and wounding him in the forehead. As Nikolas laid wounded, he struck him in the throat to make sure he would never be a threat to Strand again.

Nikolas' mother Melkorka attacked Eirik with a fire spell after seeing her son being fatally wounded, but he was saved as Olvir and the thugs he was fighting bore the brunt of the blast. Eirik desperately tried to save the steward in vain and was told by him to take over his position before he passed away. Melkorka soon escaped, and Hallvard was killed while taking down Skoegir, but Eirik's allies were able to retrieve the amulet from Kjallak, who perished along with Ulfvalgr in the fire started by Melkorka's spell. They later found that Hallvard and Skoegir had died while fighting each other, though Eirik felt glad that the former was able to take his revenge.

Eirik soon became the new steward, though he found the job tiresome. Knowing punishing Vilmundr would invite trouble, he expelled him from Strand and warned him to never return. Two weeks after the temple battle, he decided to hold funerals for Hallvard, Leiknir and Olvir. During Hallvard's funeral, he stated how he had redeemed himself and bid him farewell. He then learnt Stefnir and Runa were going after Magnus, with Olaf telling him he worried that the boy might take to a life of fighting, a sentiment Eirik understood. As the three left Strand, Eirik still wondered about Kjallak's warning to Stefnir about the dredge invading again, and asked Olaf about it, who stated he wasn't sure but expressed confidence that the alliance of men and varl will be able to repel them.

After laying Olvir to rest, Eirik went with Valgard to Skald's Scribbling for drinks and going over the official business concerning Strand's affairs. There, he learnt to his exasperation that the varl tax collector Ubin would be arriving there a month later to collect the money they owed to Jorundr's kingdom for keeping an eye on the dredge. The two were however soon dumbfounded as they realized that the Sun had stopped moving. A day later, he organized a funeral for Nikolas, out of respect for his bloodline.

Abilities[ | ]


Active Ability | Rally[ | ]

The warden is an expert of city warfare, darting in and out to be useful where he's needed.
Rank 1: grant an ally 2 willpower
Rank 2: grant an ally 4 willpower
Rank 3: grant an ally 6 willpower
While he doesn't use a bow like the hunter, Rally allows him to grant willpower to allies
when they'll need it most, making an invaluable support character.
Since Rally grants 2 top-text per 1 spent, using the Horn on this unit can make it more efficient.
Icon track

Active Ability | Track[ | ]

Eirik gains Track ability when he is promoted to Rank 6.

Ducking and weaving among his allies, the Tracker becomes invisible to his enemies.
He waits for the right moment and finds his target's most vulnerable spot before attacking.
Rank 1: Ignore 3 armor
Rank 2: Ignore 6 armor
Rank 3: Ignore 9 armor
The effect of the invisibility disappears the instant the Tracker deals damage,
picking the correct target is critical and can change the entire balance of battle.
Track can block units' movement (and end their turns!) without being dispelled.
Icon light step

Passive Ability | Light Step[ | ]

The landsman uses his superior dexterity to move around bodies, allowing him to pass through, but not stop on, any allies.
Light step can help a crafty landsman get safely into position behind armored allies before going in for the strike, or escape from a dangerous position.

Caravan Membership[ | ]

Bug[ | ]

A save import error can prevent Eirik from joining Iver's party in the third game in case he was sent back to Strand in the first game. This can be resolved by manually editing the save file.[1]

Survival Mode[ | ]

In The Banner Saga 2...[ | ]

  • Eirik can choose between Call Bear and Track when promoted to Rank 6, instead of having both.
  • Calling an extra unit, Spinegrinder, makes Eirik an invaluable Hero in the Survival Mode, due to its 'Pillage-locked' Turn-Queue. Moreover, Spinegrinder can be normally re-summoned, even if he was 'killed' (knocked out) in a battle; he is not subject to 'Permadeath' like the regular Heroes, but his 'Death' will count in the final score!

In The Banner Saga 3...[ | ]

As of 10/11/18, Eirik can't use Call Bear. It's unknown whether this is intended or a bug.

Tips & Trivia[ | ]

  • Eirik's best use is as an on-demand Armor Breaker, so increasing this stat to its max is really helpful.
  • Eirik is prickly about his honor and that can be used to manipulate him, when needed...
  • He is one of the lead characters in the book The Banner Saga: The Gift of Hadrborg by James Fadeley.
  • His name loosely translates to "One/Alone"+"Mighty".

References[ | ]