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Folka is the tenacious lieutenant of Bolverk, leader of the Ravens. She makes her first appearance in The Banner Saga 2.

Folka.icon.versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
14 / 17 Armor
10 / 12 Strength
6 / 10 Willpower
1 / 3 Exertion
2 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
4 0
Movement Attack
4 1 - 2
Active Passive
Champion Shield Mastery
Class: Shieldmaiden

Background[ | ]

Folka's size, mind for strategy, and gall make her the unofficial second-in-command of the Ravens. As the only person alive who will challenge Bolverk's orders, the other mercenaries give her a wide berth whether she wants them to or not.

This brawny shieldmaiden has impressed Bolverk, the Ravens’ leader, with her fighting prowess and ability to shape the mercenaries into a more cohesive unit. She tempers Bolverk’s raging offense with cautionary counsel and actually listens to other members of the Ravens - a new concept in their loose management.

She has known Bolverk since she was a child.

Icon champion

Active Ability: Champion[ | ]

* Folka starts with the Champion ability at Rank 2, as her Hero Rank is 4 when she joins the party.

The Shieldmaiden stands ready to insert herself between her allies and any attacking enemy. Adjacent allies have all damage from attacks against them halved for one turn, but the Shieldmaiden also receives a half-damage attack from the same enemy.
Rank 1: Allies protected.
Rank 2: Allies protected; +2 Armor to self for one Round.
Rank 3: Allies protected; +4 Armor to self for one Round.
For maximum effect, keep as many allies adjacent to Folka as possible. When any adjacent ally is attacked, Champion will protect them, while using her Shield Mastery to Absorb Strength damage onto her Armor.
Icon shield smash

Active Ability: Shield Smash[ | ]

* Folka gains Shield Smash when promoted to Rank 6.

The Shieldmaiden smashes her shield against a single adjacent target. Target and all units adjacent to target (except Folka!), friend or foe, take normal Armor Break damage from the force of the attack according to the Shieldmaiden's BRK stat.
Rank 1: +1 Break to target.
Rank 2: +2 Break to target.
Rank 3: +3 Break to target.
Without her shield she loses her passive ability, Shield Mastery.
Icon shield mastery

Passive Ability: Shield Mastery[ | ]

The Shieldmaiden's shield Absorbs all Strength damage onto her Armor until it is destroyed. She only starts taking Strength damage When her Armor is down to zero.

Joining the Party[ | ]

Folka is first encountered in Aleo's village at the start of Chapter 8. She only becomes a playable character of the Ravens caravan at Chapters 9, 11 and 13. She becomes a member of Iver's party in Chapter 17 of The Banner Saga 3.

Possible Death or Departure[ | ]

Folka cannot be killed in the second part of The Banner Saga.

Folka can die in The Banner Saga 3 should the player:

Fail to intervene when Folka confronts Bolverk

Fail to defeat Bolverk at the White Tower

Playstyle[ | ]

  • Take note that allies protected with Champion need not remain adjacent to Folka once buffed. They may move away from Folka, and Champion would still shield them until the start of Folka's next turn.
  • Folka makes an excellent pair with Bolverk, as she cannot be hit by his Frenzy (second) attacks.
  • Shield Mastery works best with Armor regenerating Items, or using a Mender to back her up. It also makes the Shieldmaiden a late-game 'sweeper', as her Strength remains intact if she is carefully deployed.
  • Champion should be used with care, as it can wear down Folka really fast if used to protect multiple and/or exposed low-Armor allies.
  • Shield Smash requires good timing. Its optimal use is when Folka's ARM is nearly depleted and when it can damage multiple enemies.
  • Folka combines extraordinarily well with the hero title "the Last Standing" as it boosts her armor up to twenty and regenerates it every turn.

Trivia[ | ]

  • A four-part fan-fiction story about Folka, written by Nika Harper can be found here.
  • Folka is the only unit belonging to the Shieldmaiden class.