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Freystein was the first leader of the Mársmidr, and founded the gang several years before the Third Great War, but was later killed by Kjallak.

Biography[ | ]

When a group of corrupt watchmen in Boersgard were dismissed from their positions, Freystein offered to buy them drinks. Later he however refused to pay, telling them that it was the city itself that owed them for their services. The bartender however berated the watchmen, stating they did nothing of use. Freystein however stated that they "made corpses", as the incensed watchmen killed the bartender, and this earned them their name "Mársmidr", which meant "Corpse Smiths". Freystein later fled Boersgard with the watchmen to avoid being caught, and ended up in Strand where they formed a gang under that name.

The Mársmidr exploited the incoming waves of refugees that began with crop failures two years before the Third Great War, and started taking over the city's streets. Freystein's varl lieutenant Kjallak however slowly started taking the power away from him, dealing with people however he wanted. Freystein tried to take back control, but was murdered a year and a half before the Third Great War by him. Kjallak then started spreading rumors that Freystein was still alive, in order to hide his own role as the Mársmidr leader.