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Frostvellr, as depicted in The Banner Saga

Once sitting upon the bank of a wide lake, when the Nordfelling turned to a waste the city of Frostvellr became a tattered bastion blasted by the freezing winds that roll through the valley. Those who live here still are not known for their hospitality. Frostvellr is a city encountered by Rook's caravan during Chapter 2 of The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga[ | ]


Frostvellr is the first city Rook and Iver attempt to seek shelter in after the destruction of their village, Skogr, by the dredge. By the time they reach Frostvellr, it has already fallen into chaos, due to both the refugee situation and rival clans attempting to wrestle power from one another.

The villagers from Skogr arrive to find that Frostvellr's gates have been closed, preventing both them and crowds of other refugees from entering. After camping outside the city, they may discover that the city has been taken over by Ekkill, who is rumored to have murdered its previous governor.

In Chapter 2, the player is given the option to either attempt to break into Frostvellr, temporarily gaining shelter within its walls, or to stay outside and camp with the other refugees. Entry may be gained by directly assaulting its main gate, fighting (or talking) past a group of guards assigned to deliver food to the refugees outside, or sneaking in through a water outlet and opening the gates from inside (the last of which is only available if Egil is still alive). Should the caravan gain entry, they will meet Ekkill, who describes the chaotic situation inside the city and offers they join him.

The beginning of Chapter 4 is different, depending on whether the party entered Frostvellr or stayed outside.

  • If the party entered the city, they will be betrayed and attacked by Ekkill's men. After the attack, they will encounter Onef, one of Ekkill's guards, who will ask to join them in exchange for access to Ekkill's storehouse. Should the party accept his offer, Onef and his men will join the party and the player can steal extra supplies from the storehouse before leaving the city. Taking too long to steal supplies will force the party to deal with another attack from Ekkill's men.
  • If the party did not enter the city, they will remain camped outside its walls, where they are given the option to save groups of other refugees from attacking dredge. (Should they accept and win battles against attacking dredge, more clansmen will be rescued and join the caravan.) After deciding to leave the city, Onef will attempt to join them as they depart; agreeing will result in him and his men joining the party, while refusing will force them into a battle against Onef's men.

If Onef was allowed to join the party, they will later be chased down by Ekkill, who will also ask to join. The player may accept, take his men as prisoners, abandon him in the wastes, or kill him.

Regardless of whether the party entered Frostvellr, Rook and Iver decide to leave the city in chapter 4, believing it to be too dangerous. Iver directs the caravan towards Wyrmtoe to ask the assistance of the varl living there.

Quotes[ | ]

"Once a strong, thriving city, the walls of Frostvellr now just keep the howling winds at bay. With luck, they'll hold out against dredge as well."Rook, The Banner Saga, Part One, Chapter 2.