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The Banner Saga: Factions is the free/online/multiplayer standalone video game set in the world of The Banner Saga.

Factions is a turn-based combat game, in which players alternate turns after moving a Unit, similar to a board game such as chess. Among other differences from classic board games, units in Factions move in an alternating order, called Initiative order (or simply Turn Queue), set by the players before a match is played. The Initiative order can be changed by killing enemy units, using special abilities (such as Forge Ahead), or by reaching Pillage (a player has only 1 unit remaining, while the other player has at least 2 or more units remaining).

Before combat, a player chooses 6 units and their order for his/her team. All units have a limit, by class, per team. For example, a player can have no more than 3 Raiders at a time, on their team. This limit would include 3 of any combination of Raider(s), Backbiter(s), Raidmaster(s), and/or Thrasher(s). The large Varl units have a slightly different rule, as a player can have only a maximum of 2 Varls on their team at a single time. This Varl limit includes all of the Varl classes, from Shieldbangers and Warriors, to their promoted classes, such as Provokers and Warhawks.

Once a desired team is set in place, players leave the Proving Grounds and go to the Great Hall to be placed in Matches with other players.

Basics[ | ]

  • Battle - break down of how tactical turn-based combat takes place
  • Units - those who do the fighting
  • Renown - currency for recruiting & upgrading units
  • Strand - the main menu of the game
Mead House - where units are recruited
Proving Grounds - where players arrange their teams and upgrade units
Great Hall - where players go to join a match
  • Terminology - various terms (and jargon) related to the game

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