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Governor of Strand is the title of the leader of the large human city in the borders with the Varl lands. He has control over the trade and tax incomes of the city, but is not without rivals.

Saga1 NPC Icon Strand Governor

The current Governor

Background[ | ]

The governor was the grandson of the original founder of Strand and his brother Helvir had died at the young age of twenty. The Governor had a legitimate son named Ragnar and an illegitimate son named Eirik, whose parentage he did not know about, and who went on to eventually become his steward after the death of the previous steward, Olvir.

Strand had become a troubled city under his watch, following repeated crop failures and a deluge of desperate refugees into the city. This resulted in a desperate situation with lack of jobs, leading to the rise of criminal gangs and factions who vied for power. The most significant of these were the Aetla Hilmir, the Vak'auga and the Mársmidr, who even attempted to assassinate Ragnar and topple the governor.

Recent Events[ | ]

In the beginning of The Banner Saga, the (unnamed) Governor of Strand is trying to maintain order in his city, which is destabilized by the rise to power of the Skalfings clan. His long time friendship with Ubin, the Varl tax collector, comes in handy just at the right time!