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The last home of the varl, and seat of their power, founded by Arnfinnr, the second varl king. Though the varl have moved around a lot, most consider Grofheim their capital. The deeds of varl are honored here, and all warriors of worth are buried at the foot of the Two Spears, where they are said to become part of the Varlsmarch itself.

The city of Grofheim is the varl capital, and the largest varl-inhabited city on the continent. It is the home of varl King Jorundr, and his kendr, Vognir.

The Banner Saga[ | ]


Grofheim is the initial destination of Hakon's caravan during the events of The Banner Saga. Initially the destination of a diplomatic envoy involving Vognir and Prince Ludin, Hakon continues the journey after Vognir's death to warn the king of the dredge's return.

At the end of Chapter 3, Hakon's caravan discovers that Grofheim has been completely destroyed at the hands of the dredge forces, led by the Sundr. They make their way to the fortress of Einartoft, where Jorundr and the surviving varl from Grofheim have retreated to make their final stand against the dredge.

Quotes[ | ]

"Dread grips me as we approach Grofheim. None of us expected to see a city unscathed. But what we find steals the very breath from my lungs."Ubin, The Banner Saga, Part One, Chapter 3.