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Ekkill.icon.versus Statistics
Min – Max Stat
10 – 14 Armor
11 – 12 Strength
5 – 13 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
1 – 3 Break
Max total Rank
28 1
29 2
30 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Guts Shield Wall
Class: Raider

The Grudgewielder is a promotion of the Raider. Like the Raider, his passive ability is Shield Wall.

This promoted class has not (yet) been introduced in Factions.

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Active Ability: Guts[ | ]

The Grudgewielder throws away his shield, points his axe at nobody in particular, jumps three feet off the ground and crushes it down on the ground. Every adjacent unit, ally or enemy, receives regular Strength damage and is knocked-back several tiles. The knock-back causes an additional 1 Strength damage per tile. Units can not be knocked through other units, unlike other similar knock-back abilities, like Battering Ram.

Rank 1: Knock back 1 tile.

Rank 2: Knock back 2 tiles.

Rank 3: Knock back 3 tiles.

Note: Before the 'Balance Update', December 2016, Guts used to cause only 1 Strength (instead of regular) damage to all adjacent units.

Notes[ | ]

Guts, does not synergize with the Raiders' passive, meaning that it's bad for allies to be standing next to the Grudgewielder when he's performing his active ability. However, it can deliver Armor-bypass Strength damage. This means that the Grudgewielder is practically unmaimable, dealing at least 1-2 damage if he has Willpower left. Appropriate positioning can spread damage as well as disrupt enemy formations.