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Nobody knows exactly who founded Grundar, though most speculate it was an early horseborn settlement, seeing as how it's in the middle of nowhere and close to no other landmarks or valuable terrain. The people here tend fields but walk great distances just to gather water. Grundar is a small town that appears in The Banner Saga 2.

The Banner Saga 2[ | ]

Grundar is the first location in which the player encounters Horseborn. The party comes across Scathach, Ro'Ech and Derdriu tending to a few of their wounded comrades. After a short conversation, the trio will join the caravan.

Grundar appears to be having a festival when the caravan arrives, but the clansmen who try to check it out are not welcome, being called "outsiders".

Quotes[ | ]

"Grundar almost looks forgotten by the rest of the world. Maybe those who live here have forgotten us too." - Rook/Alette, The Banner Saga 2