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Gudmundr is a Human Hero character encountered in The Banner Saga 2.

Gudmundr icon versus Statistics
Base – Max Stat
12 / 14 Armor
10 / 11 Strength
7 / 9 Willpower
2 / 3 Exertion
2 / 3 Break
Start rank Free points
4 0
Movement Range
Active Passive
Stone Wall Shield Wall
Class: Raidmaster

Background[ | ]

The captain of Bindal's guard, Gudmundr not only lives by the local laws, he lives to enforce them. His past consists of costly decisions in the name of what is right.

Stonewall icon

Active Ability: Stone Wall[ | ]

The Raidmaster braces for impact with his heavy shield, resisting damage from each strike for the next turn. Each hit the Raidmaster takes to either strength or armor is reduced, preventing him from taking permanent damage to either.

The Raidmaster can use Stone Wall to rush into a group of enemies and gain a forward advantage, or step in the way of a powerful enemy to block his movement.

Rank 1: resists 3 damage per hit

Rank 2: resists 5 damage per hit

Rank 3: resists 7 damage per hit

Secondabilitygeneric icon

Second Active Ability: Choice[ | ]

In the second part of The Banner Saga, when Gudmundr reaches Rank 6, he can choose a second active ability between:

Shieldwall icon

Passive Ability: Shield Wall[ | ]

By standing next to an ally, the raider creates a Shield Wall, raising the armor of both himself and his ally by 1. This bonus remains until the Raider is no longer adjacent to the ally.

When multiple Raiders stand next to each other this effect is magnified as they grant each other their own bonus. Four Raiders standing in a square formation will each gain an additional 4 armor.

Joining the Party[ | ]

Gudmundr is first met at the end of Chapter 9 under the command of the Valka Zefr who recently arrived in Bindal to help. He may join Bolverk's caravan shortly after the beginning of Chapter 11, when entering the mines.

Possible Deaths or Departures[ | ]

  • In the beginning of Chapter 11, Gudmundr is fighting off the Dredge at the mine entrance to protect the evacuation of the townsfolk of Bindal. Unless Bolverk sends the Ravens back up to help him, Gudmundr will die. If the Ravens help, but are defeated in the battle, Gudmundr will sacrifice himself to block off the entrance.
  • After the events at Old Ford, in the end of Chapter 13, Gudmundr takes charge of guiding the Bindal refugees to Arberrang.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This name derives from the Old Norse name “Guðmundr”, composed of two elements: “goðr / guðr” (god) plus “mund” (protection). Guðmundr (Old Norse, sometimes anglicised as Godmund) was a semi-legendary Norse king in Jotunheim, ruling over a land called Glæsisvellir, which was known as the warrior's paradise.
  • Gudmundr shares the same portrait and sprite design with Valgard, another Raidmaster met in the first part of The Banner Saga, with different coloration.