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Gylfi was the official blacksmith of Strand, before he was arrested for helping the Aetla Hilmir about two months before the Third Great War.

Background[ | ]

Gylfi became a blacksmith about twenty years before the Third Great War, and was employed by the Governor of Strand at the Great Hall, in order to manufacture weapons for the City Watch of Strand. Due to his line of work, he came to be acquainted with many types of iron ore, and could often tell the mine or region they originated from.

He also eventually struck a friendship with Eirik, an agent of the Governor's Guard, and was one of the few people who knew about his true parentage. As crime in Strand grew rampant however, he became disillusioned with the governor and his son Ragnar, believing them to be weak. Later he learnt about Nikolas, the son of the governor's late brother Helvir, trying to take over the throne, and agreed to help him while also joining his gang called the Aetla Hilmir.

Recent events[ | ]

When the Aetla Hilmir started carrying out the plan they hatched with the Mársmidr and the Vak'auga to overthrow the Governor of Strand by recruiting varl soldiers under the warlord Vilmundr, Gylfi was ordered to make weapons for the giants. He agreed, ignorant of the fact that Nikolas was working with the same criminal gangs he despised.

About two months before the Third Great War, the City Watch of Strand raided the Aetla Hilmir and found some iron ore as part of their smuggled goods. The Governor's Steward Olvir later told Eirik to ask Gylfi about the ore they had recovered. At the same time, the Aetla Hilmir infiltrated the Great Hall to abduct Olaf and Ulfvalgr, with assistance from Gylfi, who gave Nikolas the key to let his men in through the under hall.

Later, after investigating the ore Eirik showed to him, Gylfi tried to stop him from spoiling the Aetla Hilmir's plans. Upon being told that the gang was there to kidnap the varls, Eirik realized that they were working with the Mársmidr who were after them too. Gylfi could not believe this upon hearing it, but the distraction allowed Eirik to knock the blacksmith out, before restraining him with manacles. The guards soon arrested him and discovered the weapons he was making for the varls. The governor was however convinced by his advisors to not hang him since blacksmiths were rare, and Gylfi was instead given a long prison sentence.