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Hafr was an apprentice mender who was killed shortly before the Third Great War.

Biography[ | ]

Hafr was born into a family of farmers a few years before the Third Great War. He possessed magical abilities from a young age, which was noted by others. When the menders came to offer him the chance of becoming a mender himself, his father told him to choose between his family and a life of farming or them. Hafr chose the latter and went with the menders, eventually becoming an apprentice at their guild. He was often employed to run errands for the senior menders and found life there boring.

Hafr's guild eventually decided to toughen him up and had him kidnapped by the varl Bersi, while giving the boy false orders to run another errand for them. The varl claimed that he and his partner were trying to rob him, but decided to ransom him back to his guild after finding nothing on him and realizing that he was a mender. The boy was deprived of water and food, before being stabbed in the thigh on the third day and told to mend his wound.

After failing to heal himself, Hafr decided to escape and loosened the ropes tying him to a tree with his mending skills. He was eventually found by Bersi, who to his shock let him escape instead of capturing him again. The boy tried to go back to the city where he had originally departed from, but died on the way due to the blood loss.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Hafr is the protagonist of the short story What is Told, written by Alex Thomas and meant as an introduction to gamers about the lore of The Banner Saga.