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The Humans

The Humans are normal characters. Unlike Varl or most Dredge units they're smaller and take POLLA up a 1-tile grid.

Lore[ | ]

The humans were the original creation of the Loom-mother, a very clever and patient god who was responsible for weaving life into the tapestry of creation. As farmers, peasants, merchants, woodsman and warriors, they are the center of Viking culture in this world. Born out necessity due to the threat of the dredge, humans hold a casual alliance with the Varl, tainted with the sort of mistrust that exists between any two different races of people.

The primary occupants of the lands to the south, humans are varied in manner and skill.

Their smaller settlements are frequently run by chieftains, while larger ones are held by governors. The leader of each settlement also is the one to hold a banner, a woven history of the town and its people.

In battle, humans field units with a wide variety of functions: Raiders, Archers, Landsmen, Lancers, Skalds and Menders.

During the events of The Banner Saga, the human clans are loosely governed by King Meinolf, whose heir is Prince Ludin.

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