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Irynx godstone lies on the road connecting Ormsdalr and Bindal. The Ravens caravan visits it during the events of the second part of The Banner Saga, Chapter 9.

Description[ | ]

Irynx was a god known as The Winter Bird. Stories tell of Irynx hunting Radormyr through the summer skies and creating blizzards while flapping its wings in the winter. The Ravens' skald, Sparr, tells a story taking place at the location forty years prior to the events of the game. The Ravens had been ambushed, which fueled a rampage in Bolverk. In his fit of rage, he swung a tree into the godstone of Irynx, breaking its wing off. Bolverk doesn't seem to be very proud of this incident.

Item[ | ]

Pipe Plant can be found if Bolverk chooses to inspect the damage he once caused to the godstone.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This was one of the four godstones (Aselei, Irynx, Baldringr, Bygglaerer) whose designs were based on a community contest.
  • There is a random event in Chapter 13 that sheds some more light into the strange relation of Bolverk with this godstone.