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Karlshus is a town located on the banks of the Red River.

History[ | ]

Karlshus is a small town located in the region of Rundwall and on the banks of the Red River. It also lies between the borders of the kingdoms of humans and varls. It contains a mead house that sprung up during the First Great War, exclusively catering to the Varl. This changed after the varl warrior Karl gave his life to create peace between his race and that of humans.

The town over time became famous for its establishments offering mead. About forty years before the Third Great War, a large group of bandits raided the city, putting the townsfolk to slaughter. A band of varls that included Olaf however forced them to flee after attacking them.

Background[ | ]

One of the most important characters of the first great war was Karl, a proud varl warrior who turned against his own kind at the menders' behest to help end the war between varl and mankind. Along the Red River an enormous mead house catered exclusively to varl, but now sees both races drinking together regularly, though ironically the mention of Karl's name will, more often than not, cause tempers to flare.

Recent Events[ | ]

Most of the customers to the small town from outside are those traveling on the trade routes, attracted by the mead offered by Broddi's Mead Hall. Though the town makes a fine quality of meat, it is nothing remarkable, which causes Broddi to import mead of better quality from other places, like the human capital Arberrang from a gang called the "Mársmidr", who smuggled it through Strand.

After the Mársmidr stole one-half an important varl heirloom from Olaf, both he and his kendr Ulfvalgr came to Karlshus while looking for the thieves. The gang's leader Kjallak sent his men to rob the other half of the heirloom from Ulfvalgr, who escaped by feigning to fight with Olaf at Broddi's mead house, leading to a massive brawl. The Mársmidr after finding that Ulfvalgr had escaped along with Olaf, forced Broddi to tell them all about his dealings with Olaf and then burnt the mead house down.