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Kragsmen are reclusive and hostile human clans encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga. They are the denizens of Swartbog, a swampy area in the south-east, but have apparently moved also to northern regions of the world.

Kragsmen are frequently encountered in the company of battle-trained Warbears.

Urmas Bearlord[]

Urmas Bearlord is the only named Kragsman. He serves as a mini-boss enemy encountered in Chapter 14, if you side against Rugga. Urmas is a Spearman with Impale (Rank 1) & Pig Sticker (Rank 2) active abilities as well as high stats.


Kragsmen share common abilities with Human Raiders, Archers and Spearmen:

Savage 10 13 7 2 1
Bog Runner 12 12 5 2 2
Venom Hurler 7 10 5 3 3
Hag Hurler 8 9 5 3 2
Pole Man 13 11 5 3 2
Warbear 16 14 5 1 3
Urmas Bearlord 14 16 10 3 3

Note: The Stats in the table above are for Normal difficulty; modifiers for Easy and Normal are applicable.

Savage Bog Runner Venom Hurler Hag Hurler Pole Man
Kragsman axethrower.icon.init.order.png Kragsman backbiter.icon.init.order.png Kragsman siegearcher.icon.init.order.png Kragsman skystriker.icon.init.order.png Kragsman slaughterer.icon.init.order.png
Kragsman 04 master se.png Kragsman 03 master se.png Kragsman 01 master se.png Kragsman 02 master se.png Kragsman 05 master se.png


  • Tryggvi is revealed to be of Kragman origin.