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This article depicts the in-game world map. Click on the image for a larger version, or this for an interactive version with location descriptions.

Provinces[ | ]

The main part of the world is land, with large oceans on its east and west sides. The main provinces of the world are, from north to south:

  • Valkajokull — Desolate frozen wastes in the north of the continent; probably inhabited by Dredge.
  • Setterlund — A large but scarcely populated province in the north-east of the continent; Frostvellr is the largest human settlement in the region.
  • Hraun — Mountainous, cold and predominately inhabited by Varl; includes their capital city, Grofheim, in the north-west and the ancient fortress of Einartoft with its monumental bridge.
  • Rundwall — Main human province, in the mid-west; includes the human capital, Arberrang, the large city of Strand and the seat of power of the Menders, Manaharr.
  • Stromlund — Human-inhabited province in the mid-south; the major cities of this region include Boersgard, Ormsdalr and Bindal.
  • Swartbog — Swampy area in the south-east, sparsely inhabited by reclusive Kragsmen clans.
  • Dalalond — Southernmost province of the continent, filled with valleys and grasslands inhabited by Horseborn.

The above map details the paths and routes taken by different caravans/groups across The Banner Saga 1 and 2, as well as an estimated scale based on historical travel times. Click here for enlarged version.

Other Information[ | ]

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