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Morale is an important attribute of your Caravan that primarily affects the Willpower (WP) of your units in Battles:

  • Poor morale will give each hero a -2WP penalty,
  • Weak morale will give -1WP,
  • Normal will have no effect,
  • Good morale will give a +1WP bonus, and
  • Great morale will give +2WP.

These change can turn the tide of battle in your favor quickly, as you'll have extra points to spend on movement, attacks or special abilities.

Morale Collage

The caravan's morale is affected by several factors:

  • Victories in Wars: Defeating 'second waves' of Dredge gives a Morale bonus.
  • Story events: Depending on your choices, your Morale will fluctuate along your travels.
  • Traveling: Each passing day spent on the road decreases your Morale.
  • Resting: Resting in camps or villages (while well supplied) increases Morale.
  • Starvation: When your supplies run out, the resulting population decrease will also decrease Morale.

Formula[ | ]

The state of the Morale is measured by a "counter" ranging between 0-100 points. Each of the five Morale states depicted in the figure correspond to specific value-range of the counter. Refer to the following table:

Morale States & "Counter" Ranges
Poor Weak Normal Good Great
0-10 11-30 31-69 70-89 90-100
  • The passage of each day traveling (outside of camp or village) brings a -10 to the Morale counter.
  • A day spent resting brings a +10, provided that the caravan is well provisioned.
  • Normal morale is the state you'll most likely want to maintain, as Good and Great are hard to keep up.