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The Oerr-Brandr was a criminal gang that operated in Strand and was dismantled by Eirik and Valgard shortly before the Third Great War.

History[ | ]

The "Oerr-Brandr" was a gang that used to operate in the slum area of Strand named Hundgaman. They were locked in a violent feud with another gang called the "Glotta-Ox" for years, which often exacerbated the delicate situation in the slums. Both gangs competed to provide protection to businesses in the neighborhood and smuggled refugees beneath the city walls.

About two months before the Third Great War, the authorities of Strand decided to take the Glotta-Oxs and the Oerr-Brandrs down, sending the Governor's Guardsmen Eirik and Valgard to infiltrate them. Valgard infiltrated them as a recruit, asking to be smuggled into Strand and agreeing to become their member in order to pay off the debt. Eirik meanwhile did the same with the Glotta-Oxs.

When members of both the "Glotta-Ox" and "Oerr-Brandr" went to Veggr's Drinking Hall for a drink, Eirik pretended to get into a fight with Valgard. This soon resulted in a violent brawl as Eirik shoved him into one of the Glotta-Oxs, and the two joined the fight to kill those who didn't die at the hands of the opposing gang members.

The fight at Veggr's Drinking Hall led to around half the members of both gangs being killed, but one of the Oerr-Brandrs survived and told about it to his gang. Eirik and Valgard fled before they arrived there, and the Oerr-Brandrs after discovering the killings attacked the living quarters of the Glotta-Oxs, not knowing that the Governor's Guard was actually responsible. This to high casualties on both sides with the City Watch of Strand arresting the rest, finally clearing Hundgaman from their presence.

Trivia[ | ]

The gang's name means "frantic blade".