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Olaf is a varl warrior who participated in the Second Great War and helped Eirik in taking down the triumvirate of gangs trying to take over Strand, shortly before the Third Great War.

Background[ | ]

Olaf is a varl warrior of a peaceful nature who participated in the war against the dredge during the Second Great War. At some point of time, the older varl Torstein took him, Kjallak and Ulfvalgr under his care, making them his kendr. He taught them how to read, fight and survive, but eventually exiled Kjallak for his dishonorable ways. Olaf came to Karlshus with a band of varl warriors about four decades before the Third Great War, and the town was soon attacked by bandits who were driven back by them.

Before dying, Torstein passed on the divine amulet called the "Gift of Hadrborg", which was said to resurrect the dead varls and was used by the fourth Varl King Throstr to rally the varls against the dredge, to Olaf and Ulfvalgr. Ulfvalgr however wanted to leave and decided to divide the Gift of Hadrborg in half for both him and Olaf, but Torstein forbade him. He then decided to lie to Olaf about Torstein allowing it, before handing over one half to him and hiding the other in his tower shield, so it would remain safe. Olaf decided to construct a shrine for the half he was given, so it could be easily found whenever the varls needed it.

About four months before the Third Great War, a group of three humans attacked Olaf at his shrine in order to steal his half of the amulet. He killed one of them and knocked out another, but his distraction allowed their leader Johan to successfully escape with the amulet and set fire to the shrine before fleeing. Though Olaf doused the fire, it allowed the thief to become impossible to catch up with. He then interrogated the man he had earlier knocked out and made him reveal that he was going to Halsar. Handing over the man to the nearest varl settlement, Olaf told the elders what had happened and asked them to inform Ulfvalgr about it whenever he came back.

Olaf followed the thief to Halsar, but found him slain, before finding out that his killer had gone to Karlshus from the townspeople. While on his way there, he encountered a teenage boy trying to escape from a pack of wolves. Olaf saved the boy from them and he introduced himself as Stefnir. The boy requested him to train him as a warrior and help him build a shield, being impressed by him. Olaf agreed and helped him build a rudimentary shield out of a bundle of uncarved logs strapped together, promising to teach him to build a real one later. He also asked him to accompany him to Karlshus and kept throwing stones at him on the way, so he would learn to block quickly.

Recent events[ | ]

Following the trail[ | ]

Olaf and Stefnir arrived in Karlshus about two months before the Third Great War, with Olaf deciding to go to Broddi's Mead Hall to spend the night. Talking with the bartender Geir, he found that he didn't have enough money to pay for a room and decided to barter Stefnir's wolf pelt, giving him some coins for mead. Going to Broddi, the owner of the mead hall, he succeeded in getting a room and a few coins for the pelt. As Broddi informed him that he had seen him four decades earlier, Olaf realized he was talking about the bandit raid in Karlshus he and the other varls had beaten back, with Broddi stating it left a permanent impression on him as they had saved him and his family when he was young.

Olaf decided to take the opportunity to ask Broddi about the sigil on the piece of a shield he had taken from the attackers, who took his half of the Gift of Hadrborg, hoping he would be able to identify the gang who carried it. Broddi however expressed reluctance, stating how they sold him good-quality mead at a cheap price, which helped in attracting customers from the trade routes. Olaf stated that he understood, but knew that the only way they could keep the price low was by smuggling it through Strand, and stated that he would have to go back to Grofheim to bring other varls for help if he failed to get answers, warning they would be more prone to violence. Intimidated, Broddi agreed to reveal who they were, telling him that they were the gang called Mársmidr who operated in Strand and were led by Freystein.

Olaf went back to Stefnir after finding out about the Mársmidr, but overheard a man telling the boy about a gang raiding the territory of the varls. The varl told the boy that the barter was a success, before noticing the man slinking away, and stopped him to ask him about the raid he mentioned. To his surprise however, he soon heard Ulfvlagr calling out his name, which left him shocked. Ulfvalgr attacked him, but Olaf dodged his punches and he ended up hitting up one of the bar patrons. This led to a bar brawl and Olaf fled after seeing a group of armed men he did not know about, entering and attacking the mead hall.

Reuniting with Stefnir outside Broddi's Mead Hall, Olaf told him about the armed men he had encountered and stated that they needed to leave. They soon encountered Ulfvalgr in the forest outside Karlshus, and were told by him that he had pretended to attack them in order to escape from the men after him, who were the same men that attacked the mead hall. Ulfvalgr then demanded to know where Torstein's heirloom was, and Olaf told him about the Mársmidr. As Ulfvalgr decided to go after the gang on his own, he was soon convinced by them to take them along as it would be difficult for him to face them alone.

Arriving in Strand[ | ]

While walking along the Red River after escaping Karlshus, Olaf repeatedly told Ulfvalgr to stop for the night, about which he was finally convinced after being sure that they had lost the men chasing him, and that the weather was clearing. Seeing that Stefnir would take too long to cut a tree and Olaf goading him to do it himself if he didn't like it, he quickly chopped one down on his own and told the two to start a fire after whittling down its branches, while he went fishing. Stefnir took the opportunity to question Olaf how we was connected to Ulfvalgr, as well as the men after him and the men who attacked Broddi's Mead Hall. Olaf then told him about how the two were taken by Torstein under his care, how his half of Torstein's amulet was stolen, and about the Mársmidr gang.

Later, the varls and Stefnir joined a caravan heading to Strand for protection and reached the city a day later. Inside, they unwittingly entered the territory of the "Kollsvein's Kin" gang while looking for an inn Olaf knew was suitable for varls, and were soon confronted by the gang who demanded their money. They refused and a fight soon broke out, but three men soon joined in to fight against the gang. As Ulfvalgr kept most of the gangsters back, one of the men soon killed their leader Kollsvein, forcing the rest of the gangsters to flee. Olaf thanked them and one of them introduced himself as Eirik, the man who killed Kollsvein as Valgard, and the other as Arnbjorn.

Eirik claimed to Olaf that they were bounty hunters and after finding out why they were there, told him that the inn they were looking for had burnt down around two years ago, but they could sleep in one of the abandoned houses instead. Olaf then suggested that he and his partners accompany them for the night, as it would grant them more protection, to which Eirik agreed. They soon found an abandoned hall large enough for all of them, and decided to stay there for the night. Olaf later told Eirik how his group ended up in Strand and after dinner, posted Stefnir on lookout duty since he hadn't drunk any alcohol.

Kjallak's trap[ | ]

The next morning, Olaf went to Strand's market district to get some food for his group. There, he met his former kendr Kjallak, who offered to help them against Freystein after learning why he was there, inviting them to his mead house called The Shattered Shield. Olaf agreed and went back to the hall where his compatriots were staying, telling them he had found someone who could help them, before bidding farewell to Eirik and his group. While walking through the market, Ulfvalgr commended Olaf for making an excuse to get rid of Eirik's group, but was told by him that he was serious. The surprised Ulfvalgr then asked whom he had found and was furious upon learning it was Kjallak, but was convinced to meet him after Olaf reminded him how he himself had raided on humans in past.

After Olaf and his group arrived at The Shattered Shield, Kjallak offered them his hospitality. He told them that he often heard about Freystein and his desire for the Gift of Hadrborg. As Ulfvalgr expressed his desire to kill Freystein, a man in the room laughed. Kjallak introduced him as Skoegir and dismissed it as his strange sense of morbid humor. Olaf then asked him how he knew him, and Kjallak replied that they worked in the same business. Ulfvalgr asked him where they could Freystein as he wanted to kill the man, but Skoegir stated he wasn't even a man. The meaning of the words slowly dawned on everyone, with Olaf realizing that he hadn't met Kjallak at the market by chance.

Olaf asked Kjallak if he was working for Freystein, but he replied that he had killed the original Freystein, whom he used to work for, and had taken over his gang, in addition to his identity. As other Mársmidr surrounded Olaf's group in the room and Kjallak tried to strike at them with his war hammer, Eirik and Valgard soon burst into The Shattered Shield, crashing into Kjallak. Valgard, Eirik and Ulfvalgr soon made an opening through the Mársmidr blocking the stairway to the ground floor, while Valgard held the other gang members off to allow everyone to escape. While descending the stairs, Olaf looked back and saw Eirik holding an injured Valgard. He climbed back and swatted a gang member aside, before helping him carry Valgard to the ground.

As Olaf and Eirik descended with Valgard, Ulfvalgr destroyed the stairs leading to Kjallak's room and prevented the Mársmidr from coming after them temporarily, but he and his group realized that they won't be delayed for long. Eirik soon spotted a line of yoxen wagons and asked to speak to their owner. The merchant Frode soon met them and was persuaded with a bribe to take his group under his protection and to transport them to the Great Hall. As the Mársmidr went back, Olaf and Eirik laid the injured Valgard on a cart, before climbing in along with Stefnir and Ulfvalgr. Eirik apologized for lying to them, and promised to reveal the truth after seeing to Valgard's wounds.

Journey to the Great Hall[ | ]

While traveling to the Great Hall, Eirik told Olaf, Stefnir and Ulfvalgr that he and Valgard were members of the Governor's Guard, the elite protectors of Strand who used deceptive tactics to bring down the city's criminal gangs. Olaf then asked him how the situation in Strand had decayed so much, with Eirik revealing how the crop failures which started two years back created a flood of refugees, leading to high unemployment and the gangs exploiting the situation. He then told them about the powerful gangs that operated in the city, and Olaf saw Stefnir shudder after Eirik mentioned how the Vak'auga spread rumors that their leader Magnus never slept. The varl asked him what was wrong and if it was cold, but Stefnir said nothing except apologizing.

When Eirik told them about how some of the Governor's Guardsmen turned up dead after Strand's authorities had went to look for Freystein after he disappeared, Olaf realized that it must have been Kjallak. Eirik then asked who Kjallak was, but Ulfvalgr stated that their questions needed to be answered first, and asked him who Arnbjorn was and why was he with them earlier but not now. Eirik then stated that he was a former Mársmidr member who had been trailing them in hopes of being pardoned for stealing from his gang, but was caught by him and Valgard.

As Eirik asked about Kjallak again, Olaf told him about how he used to be their kendr but was exiled, but met him again in the market on that day. Eirik was surprised and asked them what he was really after, but got no response. After he offered hospitality to Olaf and his group till they decided their next move, Ulfvalgr stated that they'll go their own separate ways. On their way, they witnessed a tournament of fighters, which Eirik stated that was meant to keep troublesome elements from doing crime by offering money. Olaf, though impressed, recognized the larger gangs wouldn't fall for it, which was confirmed by Eirik.

Ambush of the Aetla Hilmir[ | ]

After arriving at the Great Hall, Eirik lodged Olaf, Stefnir and Ulfvalgr in a room of the guest wing designed for varls. He suggested that Stefnir stay in another room as there wasn't a bed there for him, but Olaf told him that they would like to stay together when he noticed that he was reluctant. Ulfvalgr cut Eirik off when he insisted, stating that the boy would stay with them, and he went to fetch a bed for him instead. Ulfvalgr soon expressed the desire to leave after overhearing Eirik telling a servant that he wanted to keep them there, but Olaf admonished him stating that they had comfortable quarters for the first time in months. Ulfvalgr stated that he should have stayed at a shrine then, but Olaf retorted by stating that he would have had a good bed by now if he didn't start the brawl at Broddi's Mead Hall.

As Olaf and Ulfvalgr stared at each other in anger, Stefnir tried to break up the tension by asking what they planned to do next. Olaf stated that they needed to think about it, and Stefnir decided to ask them about what Kjallak was after instead. As the varl tried to tell him, Ulfvalgr interrupted and stated he would tell it himself, since the boy had earned their trust. Ulfvalgr then told Stefnir that Kjallak was after the Gift of Hadrborg, a divine shield that Throstr had used to rally the varls during the Second Great War. He asked the two to reveal more, but they refused, and he decided to instead wait for his cot to arrive. They soon heard stealthy footsteps coming their way, and were attacked by a group of armed men.

As Olaf and Ulfvalgr held the men attacking them back, Eirik soon arrived and tried to sneak up behind their leader. He was caught, but was able to smash the hearth of the room with the flat of his axe, sending burning cinders flying towards the attackers and into the room. Eirik grabbed one of the flaming sheets to keep them back, but realized that the exit had caught fire too. He then told Olaf to escape by jumping from the window, but the varl dismissed the notion as crazy. Knowing there was no other choice, Eirik jumped at him and spun the burning sheet over his head. This caused Olaf to crash into Ulfvalgr and Stefnir in panic, leading to the window's shutters being broken and them falling outside on the roof, sliding down it before coming to a stop on the snow beneath the hill where the Great Hall stood.

The truth[ | ]

Eirik fled with Olaf and his allies to Grárgróf, hiding in an abandoned temple in the neighborhood, and told them that the men after them were the Aetla Hilmir. He later demanded to know what Kjallak was after, but both Ulfvalgr and Olaf refused to answer. As he turned to ask Stefnir about Runa, whose name he had called out and who was standing on the roof while they were sliding down it to escape the Hilmir, the girl in question soon showed up there herself. She assured them that she was there to talk, stating that she could have easily killed them if she wanted to. After they agreed, she told them how the Vak'auga spymaster Leiknir wanted to leave his crime and help Eirik against the gangs, stating that he worried about what they would do to Strand.

Eirik initially rejected meeting with Leiknir, but Olaf and Stefnir convinced him to reconsider. He then asked the opinion of his three allies and after all of them agreed, he told Runa that he would meet Leiknir at the Brenna Training Hall. Seeing that Runa and Stefnir recognized each other however, all three stared at him after she left. Stefnir told them how the Vak'auga had raided his village and took her as one of the slaves. He had survived along with his father as they were away on a hunting trip, but they found his mother slain upon returning. Stefnir wanted to go after the Vak'auga, but his father wouldn't would allow it, and he eventually decided to leave home to take revenge on his own.

Olaf felt sad as he learnt about Stefnir's past, having presumed until then that he simply wanted to impress a woman. As the boy apologized for lying, he told him not to, but said that he needed to let go of his desire of revenge, as he would be wasting his life and nothing would come out of it. Eirik found wisdom in these words and finally became firm on meeting Leiknir to stop Kjallak, after hiding both the varls. Ulfvalgr suggested that they hide at The Caroling Giant, which the Guardsman accepted. The next day, Leiknir told Eirik about the triumvirate of the Aetla Hilmir, the Mársmidr, and the Vak'auga trying to take over Strand, before directing him to a Vak'auga warehouse at the western docks where he would be able to find something to expose them.

A horrifying discovery[ | ]

Eirik had Stefnir and Runa, who had been sent by Leiknir as a collateral, take Olaf and Ulfvalgr back to the temple in Grárgróf, while he went to meet with Strand's spymaster Vott. He returned with a set of fresh cloths for everyone and a Nautmot yoxen cart with a large canopy in which the two varls could hide. They went to the warehouse Leiknir had directed them to at night, and noticed banging coming inside from a nearby meat locker after slaying a guard. Opening it, they found it was Arnbjorn, who had been badly mutilated. As Olaf dragged him out and recognized him, Arnbjorn told them that they could get through the back door easily as it would be lightly guarded, before passing out.

Eirik and his group entered the warehouse through the back door as Arnbjorn suggested, and woke him up after slaying the guards. Eirik asked him if there were any other guards there, upon which the rogue stated that some others would be coming by there later with a shipment, and the basement where they would be able to find what they were looking for would be lightly guarded. Eirik then went with Olaf and Ulfvalgr to the basement, while leaving Stefnir and Runa to keep an eye on the exit and Arnbjorn.

Eirik and Ulfvalgr searched the basement while Olaf was kept on the lookout, after they slayed two guards. He nearly cut Arnbjorn down as he descended the stairs, assuming he was an intruder, but stopped in time. Seeing him alongside Stefnir and Runa, he asked what they were doing there, and was told that the gangsters were soon going to arrive. Olaf called out to Eirik and Ulfvalgr to see if they had found anything, but learnt that they hadn't. Arnbjorn then tried to help them and quickly found what he needed in one of the rooms, before the party fled to the yoxen cart they had parked outside. As they left the warehouse behind, Olaf and Ulfvalgr made the rogue show them what he had retrieved, but were horrified to discover that it was a varl skull.

The plan[ | ]

Eirik took his allies to a manor outside Strand, where Arnbjorn told them that he had been offered a pardon and a chance of reuniting with his brother Johan in exchange for following Olaf and Ulfvalgr, until Kjallak sprung his trap for them. He also told them that all he knew what Kjallak was after was a shield-like amulet, and he had planned to expose the Mársmidr by grabbing the varl skeletons they had stored at the warehouse, after learning they had killed Johan and would likely kill him too.

When Arnbjorn stated he didn't know where Kjallak was, Eirik suggested holding a tournament a few days later to lure one of the triumvirate's lieutenants by getting Olaf and Ulfvalgr out in the open, in addition to deploying the City Watch of Strand to prevent any surprise attacks by the Aetla Hilmir. He also told Runa to have Leiknir inform about it to Magnus very late, which would make it to difficult for the Vak'auga and the Mársmidr to find anyone for the fight. Ulfvalgr rejected Eirik's plan, which led to an argument, and Olaf soon interjected, stating that he was willing to make Kjallak pay but it would require patience and Eirik's way was the best option to achieve it.

Ulfvalgr was smug at Olag finally revealing his feelings, and agreed to go along with Eirik's plan, before telling Olaf to be more truthful. Olaf however felt as if his heart had been corrupted by his malevolent presence. Eirik then told everyone to go to sleep and Olaf stated to Stefnir that he would teach him to make a shield the next day. As the boy smiled, Olaf felt that he might have been corrupted by Ulfvalgr too. Arnbjorn, who had been allowed by Eirik to join his group, later revealed his real name as Hallvard. Olaf meanwhile helped Stefnir in making a shield as promised, and trained him alongside Ulfvalgr and Hallvard.

After five days of training, Eirik told his group that the tournament would be in two days. Hallvard expressed reluctance at it, stating that he and Stefnir still weren't in proper shape for it, but Eirik told them that it was necessary to avoid other varls learning about their dead being stolen. He also stated that the number of varls in Strand had suddenly increased, with the most notable among them being Vilmundr. He asked Olaf if he knew him, but he expressed ignorance. Ulfvalgr upon being asked stated that Vilmundr was a warlord who served the Varl King Jorundr, but was a varl with shifting loyalties.

When Eirik stated that some of the varl had joined the Mársmidr, and they might be fighting them at the tournament, Olaf assured that they would be able to handle it since they were somewhat prepared them to fight varls. Eirik then informed that the Governor's Steward Olvir wanted him and Ulfvalgr to come into custody. Ulfvalgr asked why he was telling them that, to which he replied that he had promised to not lie to them again, and offered to let them escape when the time to take them in came. The varl however rejected it and told him that they would come along peacefully. Olaf then asked if he had any good news, and Eirik showed them the map of the venue where the tournament would be held, so they could become familiar with it and plan their strategy.

The tournament[ | ]

Olaf and Ulfvalgr forbade Stefnir from training on the last day before the tournament, telling him to rest his body in order to be at full strength for the fight. Meanwhile, both the varls reviewed the map of the venue of the fight and the fighting techniques they would use. On the day of the fight, Olaf went along with others to the location of the tournament. Seeing Stefnir being fearful, he assured him that everything would be fine, and soon noticed a group of gangsters led by the Mársmidr lieutenant Ottar coming to fight them. As the fight began, Olaf took his position on Stefnir's right side, while Hallvard covered the left, Ulfvalgr his rear, and Runa and Eirik took their position behind Olaf.

During the tournament, Olaf fought a varl with a war hammer. One of the boards of his shield cracked as it was struck, but Ulfvalgr utilized the opportunity to attack their foe's arm with his axe, badly injuring him. Olaf then used his sword to strike his other arm, causing him to surrender. As Eirik and his allies succeeded in defeating the gangsters and captured Ottar after knocking him out, they were ambushed by the Aetla Hilmir, who were hiding amidst the lumberjacks, while the City Watch failed to arrive on time. Eirik then told everyone to escape to the warehouse with Ottar, while he and Ulfvalgr held the gangsters off. Olaf carried Ottar to their cart and they soon arrived back at the mansion, with the varl taking him to the basement for Hallvard, who had been chosen to torture him for information.

After seeing Stefnir sullen, Olf asked him what was wrong and learnt he had killed a man in the tournament. Olaf asked if it was the first time he killed, to which he affirmed, and stated how the man panicked when he was fatally wounded, with Olaf believing he worried that it could be him someday. When the boy stated that he had never thought of it, he told him that he needed to decide how long he would fight before he gave up. Learning that the boy's father had told him something similar, Olaf stated that he was a wise man, and his parents had brought him up well enough for him to able to live a proper life. Olaf soon started to dislodge his shield's rim to repair his armor, and Stefnir asked him if he wanted him to go back home, to which Olaf affirmed, stating he didn't want him to become obsessed with killing like Runa and Ulfvalgr, but Stefnir replied that it would have to wait until Magnus was dead.

Eirik and Ulfvalgr soon returned to the mansion while Olaf was trying to talk to Stefnir, and Eirik stated that he had found out that the leader of the gang they had fought was Nikolas, the son of the Governor of Strand's late brother Helvir. Olaf however lost interest as the Guardsman talked with Runa about it, and went back to working on his shield. Ulfvalgr offered to help him, but he rejected it, being upset about Stefnir not giving up his desire for revenge. As he continued leveraging the rim, the broken board soon fell out along with a small item which he realized was the other half of the Gift of Hadrborg.

Feeling angry, Olaf punched Ulfvalgr and knocked him out, before berating him for his deception and asking what the difference between him and Kjallak was. Ulfvalgr made him realize that he did it solely to protect the legacy of the varls, while telling him about his raiding days, how he reformed, and why he was forgiven. He revealed to him why he had hidden the amulet with him, stating that he wouldn't be able to do what he did if it was necessary to protect it as he was too busy trying to help humans. Olaf realized that what he said was correct, and gave the half to Stefnir to keep it safe, telling him he had made himself too big of a target for the triumvirate.

Raid on Magnus[ | ]

After being brutally tortured and mutilated by Hallvard, Ottar begged him to stop and offered to help his group capture Magnus and Kjallak, telling them about the Vak'auga smuggling in a shipment for Kjallak at the Ninth Pier. Eirik decided to bring the City Watch in, but others including Olaf disagreed since they didn't trust them and as they had failed them in the past. As the Guardsman insisted, they decided to go without him to the Ninth Pier and took the cart. Runa scouted the docks ahead and reported back to them that Magnus was there but won't stay for long. Ulfvalgr decided to go with her plan of reaching Magnus' ship through a path under the nearby cliffs.

Olaf's group soon reached a set of stairs to the docks from the path Runa mentioned, and after she slew a guard with her spear, she overheard that the Vak'auga would be leaving soon. Olaf then took the lead and they went ahead, while Runa guarded by his and Stefnir's shields. Olaf later knocked one of the sentries into the sea, and Runa and Ulfvalgr soon finished off a horn blower. They then boarded Magnus' ship, with Runa stating that they would be able to find Magnus in the captain's quarters. Ulfvalgr and Olaf however realized that they would be unable to enter it in time, sending the three humans instead. They surrounded Magnus, but soon found a man who looked like him outside the cabin to their surprise. Ulfvalgr, Hallvard and Olaf went after the second Magnus, as he fled to alert his crew about the intruders, but failed to catch him. The Vak'auga men came after them and Ulfvalgr was forced to improvise, bashing the ship's hull and creating a hole that allowed them to jump out into the sea.

After resurfacing on land, Olaf, Hallvard and Ulfvalgr were surrounded by the City Watch, who were told to sheath their weapons by Eirik. He soon realized that Runa and Stefnir were missing, before being told by Hallvard and Ulfvalgr about there being two Magnuses, and how they were forced to escape. Olaf soon found Valgard there and was glad he was alive, with Eirik telling him to have the City Watch find their missing compatriots. The Governor's Steward Olvir soon arrived there and demanded to know what Kjallak was after, but Ulfvalgr refused to tell him. Olaf however chided him and told him to reveal about it, with Ulfvalgr then telling them that it was the Gift of Hadrborg, which was reputed to be able to resurrect the dead varls and was used by Throstr to rally their race during the Second Great War.

Eirik however soon realized what Kjallak really planned to do, telling his allies that the amulet would not only allow him to take over Strand by installing Nikolas as the Governor, but also become the King of the Varls by earning Vilmundr's loyalty. As he stated that Kjallak might also try to take over Arberrang itself, Ulfvalgr assured that Olaf still had the other half of the amulet. Olaf however hesitated and felt fearful, before eventually revealing that he had given it to Stefnir. This led to Ulfvalgr attacking him in anger and trying to choke him to death, before being dragged away and pinned down by Hallvard, Eirik, Valgard and some of the City Watch. Olvir ordered Ulfvalgr's arrest, but both Eirik and Olaf convinced him to not do so after pleading with him.

Finding the triumvirate[ | ]

The next morning, Olaf went with Eirik to look for Stefnir and Runa after the others failed to find them, and was met by Ulfvlagr again, with the varl being surrounded by Hallvard and three of the City Watch. As Ulfvalgr stared at Olaf with hatred, it made him despondent that he still hadn't forgiven him. Eirik tried to offer him consolation, but he didn't care for it and continued looking for Stefnir and Runa instead. After they and the others failed to find them, Olaf overheard Olvir stating that the search will be called off in the night, leaving him hopeless as he blamed himself.

As Eirik encouraged Olaf to not give up, the varl soon spotted Runa coming towards them, and embraced her with a hug. She told them how she and Stefnir were captured and taken by the triumvirate to a warehouse, where they found the other half of the Gift of Hadrborg on him. She also revealed that they were soon going to meet with Vilmundr, but Stefnir had left a trail of mead for them to follow. Olaf's group were forced to go after the triumvirate on their own with Olvir and two guards of the City Watch, as the rest of the City Watch with them had become exhausted after their hours-long search.

Olaf's group was taken by Runa to the warehouse she and Stefnir were helped captive at, and Olvir ordered them to look for any clues the two missed. Failing to find anything, they instead followed the mead trail Stefnir had left them and Olvir told one of the guards to bring Valgard to the warehouse. Stefnir's trail however disappeared in the northern part of Strand due to the snowfall and other people walking over it, and Olvir sent back the remaining guard with them to have Valgard bring fresh men from the City Watch there.

While searching for any clue as to where Stefnir went, Eirik soon found his name etched on a pillar near a bridge, which led to an abandoned temple of Hadrborg. Olvir insisted they wait for the City Watch, but the others refused, intent on going after the triumvirate on their own instead. Realizing they would not relent, Olvir had Eirik mark the directions for Valgard to bring the guards to the temple, while going after the gangsters with them.

End of Kjallak[ | ]

As Olaf and his group crept towards the bridge leading to Hadrborg's temple, they saw someone leaning over the parapet on the other side. Hallvard soon went to check it out and found that it was Skokegir. Olaf's group quickly followed him as he fought Skoegir, and saved him from another gangster trying to attack him. Hallvard however told them to leave them alone as he had a score to settle for the murder of his brother, and the others reluctantly agreed when Skoegir stated the same, after finding out he was responsible for bringing him out in the open. They soon attacked the other triumvirate members outside the temple, before eventually breaching into the prayer hall, where Kjallak was along with Nikolas, his mother Melkorka, Stefnir and Vilmundr.

As Olaf and Runa fought a bunch of gangsters, Eirik succeeded in fatally wounding Nikolas, which made Melkorka unsuccessfully attack him with a fire spell. It however ended up hitting Olvir and the gangsters he was fighting instead, while also starting a fire in the temple of Hadrborg. Ulfvalgr rescued Stefnir from being trapped in the flames along with Kjallak while wrestling with him for the metallic tower shield in which the Gift of Hadrborg was embedded. Seeing that there was no way to save the amulet from being devoured by the flames along with Kjallak, Olaf told Ulfvalgr that they must flee as they couldn't save it. Ulfvalgr however decided to sacrifice himself as Olaf unsuccessfully tried to stop him, and jumped over the flames before snatching the tower shield away from Kjallak. Olaf took the shield as he tossed it to him, holding on to it even as it burnt his palm.

As Ulfvalgr wrestled with Kjallak to let his allies escape, Olaf dragged the wounded Nikolas out with Runa, finding that the City Watch had arrived there and arrested the surviving gang members. Nikolas died soon afterwards, and they discovered that both Hallvard and Skoegir had died in their duel. After the fire died out, the City Watch found Ulfvalgr and Kjallak's ashes and gave it to Olaf, who decided to put both of them to rest in the varl territory, while also writing a letter to the Varl King Jorundr explaining Kjallak's treachery. Stefnir and Runa decided to accompany him and later go after the Magnus twins, which left Olaf felt despondent as they, especially Stefnir, still desired revenge. He decided to go along with them after Magnus in order to protect them.

Two weeks after the temple raid, Olaf along with Runa and Stefnir attended Leiknir and Hallvard's funerals, which the new Steward Eirik had organized. Olaf praised Hallvard for the good he did and wished he would have survived. As they left Strand after the funerals, Eirik asked Olaf about Kjallak's warning to Stefnir before dying about the dredge invading again. Olaf stated that he wasn't sure if he was truthful, but assured him that the alliance between men and varl would be able to defeat them even if they did.