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Along with Fieldgate, the Old Ford is one of the early constructions of man that remains from days when Arberrang was a modest series of farm houses. Also much like Fieldgate, it sees far more traffic than its aging construction can handle, though it will most likely remain this way until it crumbles under its own weight. The Old Ford is a location that appears in The Banner Saga 2.

The Banner Saga 2[ | ]


In The Banner Saga 2, Bolverk and the other Ravens are forced to make a stand at the Old Ford, against the approaching dredge fleeing the Darkness. Warriors stationed at the bridge were tasked with keeping it from being overrun by dredge, keeping it open for clans retreating to Arberrang.

The player has the option to either build fortifications and set up archers on the bridge, or to train volunteers. Should the player choose the former, the next battle will have fortifications and two archer units; should they choose the latter, one hundred clansmen will be trained into fighters.

After preparing defenses, a battle against the dredge will begin. The reanimated corpse of Nikels appears, revealing that Eyeless has joined the other dredge warriors; to win, the warriors must down her, and either leave her be or slay her.

Quotes[ | ]

"Gods. Of all places to make a final stand, I bring us to the Old Ford; a human bridge that should have crumbled a hundred years ago." -Bolverk, The Banner Saga 2