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Olvir was the Steward to the Governor of Strand before Eirik, and was killed shortly before the Third Great War.

Background[ | ]

Olvir became the Steward to the Governor of Strand many years before the Third Great War and due to his position, was privy to secrets even the governor himself was not aware of. Sometime later, he found a poor boy named Eirik continuously approaching the Great Hall and claiming to be the illegitimate son of the Governor. Discovering that this was true, he took him under his care.

Olvir never told the governor or his legitimate son Ragnar about Eirik's parentage, and eventually made him an agent of the Governor's Guard. The two developed a bond like that of a father and son, with Olvir hoping that Eirik would become the steward after he retired. As such, he told a select few like Captain Dylan the truth about him, so they would back him when the time came.

Recent events[ | ]

The Aetla Hilmir[ | ]

Steward Olvir had sent Eirik and Valgard, both members of the Governor's Guard, to infiltrate and destroy the gangs called the "Glotta-Ox" and the "Oerr-Brandr" respectively. The two gangs engaged in smuggling in the slum area of Hundgaman and Olvir wanted to rid the neighborhood of them, which his men succeeded in doing.

After the suppression of the gangs in Hundgaman, he organized a raid against the Aetla Hilmir, so Eirik and Valgard could infiltrate the criminal organization, but he forbade them from taking part so the gang didn't come to know about their identities. He instead dispatched both of them to infiltrate a large trade convoy entering the city, in order to catch smugglers and be on the lookout.

Eirik and Valgard soon found out that the leader of the Mársmidr gang was actually Kjallak, who was pretending to be the dead Freystein and making others believe he was still alive. Valgard was injured while protecting the varls Olaf and Ulfvalgr, as well as Stefnir, whom Kjallak wanted to capture in order to acquire a heirloom they possessed.

Olvir convinced the mender Melkorka, who was upset at the two Governor's Guardsmen for getting the cart smuggling her supplies caught, to have her subordinate menders save Valgard. He then sent Eirik to investigate the Aetla Hilmir and inquire from the city's official blacksmith Gylfi about an iron ore they found during the raid on the gang, despite being shocked from learning about Kjallak. When Eirik hesitated, he assured that he would take over Kjallak's case personally and look after his guests.

After the Aetla Hilmir attacked the Great Hall to capture Olaf and Ulfvalgr, Olvir realized that Gylfi had something to do with it when the guards found him manacled, and had him arrested. He also had many guards from the City Watch redeployed at the Great Hall. Eirik soon met Leiknir, spymaster of the Vak'auga gang, and learnt from him that the triumvirate of the Mársmidr, the Aetla Hilmir Hilmir and the Vak'auga were planning to take over Strand, about which he had the city's spymaster Vott report back to Olvir.

The triumvirate's plan[ | ]

Many days later, Olvir secretly visited Vott's shop when Eirik had scheduled a meeting with the spymaster. Eirik told him that Kjallak was smuggling varl skeletons into Strand, leaving the steward horrified as it would invite the wrath of the varls against the city. He was convinced to organize a tournament to lure one of the lieutenants of the triumvirate out by bringing Olaf and Ulfvalgr into the open, and secretly sent the City Watch there to make sure the plan went accordingly upon Eirik's suggestion. Olvir however told him to bring the varls into custody after that, despite his reluctance.

Eirik told his varl allies about what Olvir wanted in order to retain their trust, and his tournament ruse nearly went sideways due to the interference of Melkorka, who told the City Watch's Captain Dylan that the Governor himself had ordered a delay in bringing the guards there. Eirik and his allies nonetheless succeeded in capturing Kjallak's lieutenant Ottar. Valgard meanwhile was able to walk again and Olvir had him expose the person interfering in their plans.

Eirik later went to the Great Hall with the mutilated Ottar alone after his allies deserted him to raid the triumvirate's warehouse at the Ninth Pier on their own, since they distrusted the authorities of Strand, and told Olvir about everything he had learnt so far. The steward had Ottar taken into custody for providing information on the gangs, and was shocked to find out that the leader of the Aetla Hilmir Nikolas, was the son of Helvir, the late brother of the governor.

Olvir soon had the City Watch raid the Ninth Pier to capture the leaders of the triumvirate, but they were unsuccessful. He soon learnt from Hallvard and Ulfvalgr that the Vak'auga were actually led by twins, both of whom were called Magnus, and that Kjallak was after the Gift of Hadrborg which could resurrect the varl. The group slowly realized to their horror that Kjallak not only wanted to help Nikolas become the governor, but himself become the King of Varls with the help of Vilmundr.

As Eirik stated he could even conquer Arberrang, Ulvalgr assured that Olaf still had one of the halves of the amulet. Olaf however revealed that he had given it to Stefnir, who fell into the sea while going after one of the Magnus brothers. This enraged Ulfvalgr who tried to chole him to death, but was soon pinned down by others. Olvir ordered that he be arrested, but Olaf and Eirik persuaded him to let him go. The steward then had Hallvard and three guards of the City Watch accompany him at all times, so he did not escape.

The end of the triumvirate[ | ]

Stefnir and Runa, who was Leiknir's aide, were meanwhile captured by the triumvirate, but escaped soon after Kjallak acquired the half of the Gift of Hadrborg on him and went to meet with Vilmundr. Stefnir left a trail of mead for Olvir and others to follow to where the triumvirate was hosting the warlord, and had Runa guide them to the warehouse where they both had been kept captive. Olvir was forced to go alone along with Eirik, his allies and two guards of the City Watch, since much of the Watch was tired after searching for Runa and Stefnir.

After arriving at the triumvirate's warehouse where Stefnir and Runa were kept as captives, Olvir had the others look for any clues they had missed, but the group was unable to find anything. He then sent one of the guards to fetch Valgard there as they went after the trail Stefnir had left them. They however lost in in the northern part of Strand and Olvir sent the remaining guard to have Valgard bring the City Watch there. Eirik soon found his name etched on a pillar near an abandoned temple of Hadrborg, which they realized what Stefnir was directing them to. Olvir wanted to wait for the City Watch, but Eirik and his allies insisted against it. He relented after realizing he would not be able to convince them, and ensured Valgard would be able to bring the Watch there by having Eirik mark the spot.

Olvir and his group then sneaked towards the bridge, but soon found a figure leaning over the parapet on the other side. Hallvard went to cgheck it out alone and found that it was the Mársmidr lieutenant Skoegir. His group soon came to his rescue as he fought with him, and slew another gangster trying to attack him. Hallvard however told them to leave him and Skoegir alone, since he had personal score to settle with him for murdering Johan. Though they were initially reluctant, they agreed after Skoegir told them to leave as their fight was personal, realizing that his actions had brought him out in the open.

Olvir's group soon fought with the triumvirate at the temple and succeeded in slaying many of the gangsters. They were able to gain access to the prayer hall where they started slaying the others protecting Kjallak. Eirik meanwhile slew Nikolas, and his mother Melkorka, who was also there, used a fire spell to try to kill him. Eirik was however saved as Olvir and the gangsters he were fighting took the brunt of the attack. The steward died from his burns despite Eirik's desperate efforts to save him, and handed over his position to him before passing away.

Eirik and his allies soon took down the triumvirate with the help of the City Watch, who had arrived there in time, with both Kjallak and Nikolas being slain, while the Gift of Hadrborg was successfully retrieved. Eirik was made the new Steward to the Governor of Strand and held a funeral for Olvir two weeks after the raid on the temple of Hadrborg, which was attended by him and Valgard.