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Provoker Statistics
Min – Max Stat
11 – 18 Armor
7 – 12 Strength
3 – 9 Willpower
0 – 2 Exertion
1 – 3 Break
Max total Rank
33 1
34 2
35 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Malice Return the Favor
Class: Shieldbanger

The Provoker is a promotion of the Shieldbanger. Like the Shieldbanger, his passive ability is Return the Favor.

Malice icon

Active Ability: Malice[ | ]

The Provoker curses and spits at his enemy, forcing that character to move to attack him and perform a normal strength attack on his or her next turn. With his high armor, the Provoker often takes little or no damage from the assault.

While Malice can be a difficult ability to learn, it's devastating in the right circumstances. Negate a strong enemy for a turn, pull an enemy forward on the board or lock a character in place to set them up for future damage.

Note: The effect of Malice clears on the affected unit's turn, not the Provoker's, potentially allowing multiple instances of the effect at the same time.

Rank 1: target at a range of 1 (adjacent enemies)

Rank 2: target at a range of 2 (one tile away)

Rank 3: target at a range of 3 (two tiles away)

Lore[ | ]

The obscenities spewed forth from Grettir's smirking face do not make his enemies magically fly into a rage. But the third time a foe suffers again to hear of Grettir's explicit romance with his daughter, he may make his first angered mistake. It is only then that Grettir's long nail slides silently into his throat, and as he gurgles his last he would hear Grettir's whisper, "Nothing personal."