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Raidmaster Statistics
Min – Max Stat
6 – 12 Armor
6 – 12 Strength
4 – 11 Willpower
1 – 3 Exertion
1 – 3 Break
Max total Rank
29 1
30 2
31 3
Movement Range
Active Passive
Stone Wall Shield Wall
Class: Raider

The Raidmaster is a promotion of the Raider. Like the Raider, his passive is Shield Wall.

Stone Wall

Active Ability: Stone Wall[ | ]

The Raidmaster braces for impact with his heavy shield, resisting damage from each strike for the next turn. Each hit the Raidmaster takes to either strength or armor is reduced, preventing him from taking permanent damage to either.

The Raidmaster can use Stone Wall to rush into a group of enemies and gain a forward advantage, or step in the way of a powerful enemy to block his movement.

Rank 1: resists 3 damage per hit

Rank 2: resists 5 damage per hit

Rank 3: resists 7 damage per hit

Lore[ | ]

When men surrounded his modest home and shouted for his prize, teeth and blades gleaming in the moonlight, Arnhallr slowly took up his weapon. He stood in the doorway, and simply waited. They crashed like waves against his shield and in three flashes of his axe they fell. The last man fled, screaming "Keep the damn axe!" into the night. Arnhallr sighed and returned to his fire, setting the ordinary weapon beside him. There was nothing special about that stupid axe.